Hi, my name is Kennedy, and I am addicted to caffeine.

Whether it's my morning cup of Peet's Major Dickason's blend, a Diet Dr. Pepper from the McDonald's fountain, or a Starbucks PSL now that it's fall, I'm never *not* enjoying my caffeine. (Don't worry, mom, it's all in moderation.) Now that I'm back to the school grind, I'm especially longing for that extra boost to get me through lectures, labs, and my on-campus jobs.

Luckily, Spoon University has rounded up the best caffeinated beverages (and snacks!) to get you through the semester.

STōK Cold Brew

This one goes out to my fellow coffee-addicts who have been suffering through the classic mid-August heat on the East Coast while not-so-patiently waiting for pumpkin season. Returning for its second year on shelves, STōK Pumpkin is a straight-up take on pumpkin-flavored cold brew that puts high-quality coffee at the forefront with a toasty signature spice blend for a bold, not-too-sweet pumpkin taste. Details on the returning STōK Pumpkin Cold Brew can be found here.

If pumpkin isn't your cup of tea (read: cold brew), don't fret: STōK’s portfolio is made up entirely of various cold brews, because that’s what they does best. STōK’s signature 10-hour Low & Slow® cold-brew method captures every nuance of flavor and signature smoothness. Meanwhile, their newest brew is the Bright and Mellow – a lighter roast made with Arabica beans which mellow out and open up, creating a surprisingly refreshing brew. 

Better Than Coffee® Bars

As the name implies, BTC Bars are better than coffee.

With 100mg of caffeine from guarana and maca, BTC energy bars are a delicious, plant-based alternative to your morning cup of joe. 

Tractor Beverages

With less sugar than traditional soda and no artificial ingredients, caffeine-addicts can fulfill their cravings with a healthy alternative by choosing all-natural, Certified Organic, and Non-GMO beverage Tractor. With a fall lineup that includes Mandarin Cardamom, Blackberry, and Cherry Cream; and better-for-you takes on classic Lemonade and Root Beer, Tractor offers an all-natural drink for everyone.

Tractor is currently pouring at universities across the nation, including Michigan, UConn, Mizzou, Tennessee, and the UNC Medical Center.

Chameleon Organic Coffee

Chameleon Coffee is sustainably sourced, certified organic and intentionally brewed so that each sip provides the perfect buzz. This year, the brand has taken their commitment to crafting premium coffee to the next level by extending beyond the beloved cold brew category into whole beans and grounds

Chameleon Coffee knows that, in addition to caffeine, college students need cash, so Chameleon is rewarding those turning their pandemic hobby into their main gig with cash (and cold brew).

Kennedy Dierks

A few people will win $1,000 – plus, a year’s supply of coffee – to help fund and fuel them on their next career pursuit. To enter, you can visit the fuel your dreams website and get ready to let your passion (and Chameleon Coffee) start paying the bills.

AWAKE Chocolate

These beloved bars and bites pack the same caffeinated goodness you’ll find in coffee, but in delicious chocolate snacks. With 110mg of caffeine per serving and flavors like Dark Chocolate Mint, Caramel, and Cookies & Creme, these bars and bites are sure to keep you AWAKE.

Good news! AWAKE understands that college students aren't just tired, but #broke. From now through the end of October, you can stay AWAKE at a discounted price -- just use the code SPOON20 for 20% off at checkout!


ZOA, dubbed "the better-for-you beverage,"  contains a blend of natural caffeine from green tea and green unroasted coffee and is perfect students looking to stay alert during those late-night study sessions and long lectures.

ZOA is functional beverage packed with B and C vitamins and electrolytes to optimize hydration, as well as Amazonian superfoods like camu camu, turmeric and acerola. Available in flavors like Lemon Lime, Original, Wild Orange, Pineapple Coconut, and Super Berry, ZOA is a must for any on-the-go college student.

Plus, there's a giveaway! To ring in the new school year with only positive vibes, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson’s ZOA Energy is asking students and alumni nationwide to share their school spirit on social media with the hashtag #BigCanOnCampus for ZOA’s first social contest!

From a cheer stunt on the football field to a group heading to the library for a late night study session, the ZOA fam wants to see it all. The person dubbed with the most school spirit by The Rock himself will win a can of ZOA for every student and a ZOA-sponsored on-campus event nobody will forget!

Califia Farms Cold Brew

Califia Farms' cold-brewed coffee is better for the community, better for the planet, and better for you. Califia Farms boats a wide variety of plant-based dairy-free products that are easy to love and don't sacrifice flavor or versatility.

With flavored cold-brews, concentrates, and Nitro draft lattes, Califia Farms has a pick-me-up fit for any coffee-lover. 

Sending you a latte good vibes and caffeinated snacks for a great semester!