Walk down Comm Ave and you will find all of what Boston University offers you. Since we're all working late nights, coffee is a way of life. Here's what coffee your college represents. And if you're not totally sure what all of these mean, here's a guide

ENG: Red Eye

Typically, weekends are prime times to get some sleep or catch up with others after a week of staying up, endlessly trying to get the technological concepts right. That’s alright though. It’ll be worth it because you’re creating new inventions for the better of the future.  

Questrom: Espresso

Hardworking and on the go, you’re a natural born leader who’s always up to something every day. Maybe at one point, you wished that there are more than 24 hours a day to complete that finance project you’ve been attempting to finish, or that you have five hands because your to-do list is too long. Either way, you snake your way to the top. 

SHA: Viennese Espresso

Denial comes easy when people say you’re bougie. You live for the extra oomph of whipped cream on your coffee, and no, it’s not over the top. Hosting parties is your niche as you navigate your way through welcoming everyone and make sure they’re comfortable. 

CGS: Flat White

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha
Gabby Phi

Don’t say that you wasted your time before you came to BU when you’re going to London over the summer to live your life. Sometimes you wished you could turn back time when life seemed better before the Revolution began. For now, the only thing you don’t want to change is your coffee order.

COM: Cappuccino

coffee, milk, espresso, cappuccino, cream
Kristine Mahan

What are all those unread messages and unanswered voicemails? As a sociable and creative individual, you find ways to express your optimism towards others from day to day. Just remember to gulp water after conversing with that many people in a day.

Sargent: Decaf, Soy Milk Latte

As you order your perfect cup, you keep your health in mind after the long lectures about the impacts of coffee. You may even try analyzing where the word latte originated from. Though your coffee preference may be long and detailed, it’s what you’re sticking to after deliberating with yourself if you should order the caramel macchiato instead. Treat yourself. 

CFA: Frappuccinos

Who’s that strutting down West Campus and making all our heads turn? That’s you, the fashionistas on campus. You’re probably too busy to notice it when you’ve got your rose gold headphones plugged to your ears, carrying your art materials from Blick in one hand and your phone showing your multiple Pinterest boards on the other.

CAS: Macchiato 

Jackie O'Brien

They say that macchiato drinkers have the fear of failure that always pushed them forward. You’re probably too busy thinking about finishing all your electives before your coffee order. Don’t worry about switching your major like your coffee order; it’s all part of the process. 

SED: Mocha 

coffee, milk, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, mocha, cream, tea
Shun Matsuhashi

It doesn’t surprise you anymore when people call you caring, passionate, or affectionate. Like mocha, you’re sweet and may prefer to stay in on a Friday night, chilling on your couch as you tune in to your favorite sitcom. If someone asks for your best advice, you’ll most likely say “patience is a virtue."