Being a fan of MrBeast, loving his YouTube content, now obsessed with his chocolate brand Feastables (especially the milk chocolate bar), and dreaming about trying one of his burgers, more than a year after the opening date in 2022, I finally traveled to the American Dream mall and headed straight for MrBeast Burger over winter break.

I'd like to call myself a burger fanatic and say the burger I ordered could have been one of the best burgers I've had, but it missed the mark by a few points.

Amanda Clark

I ordered the Karl's Deluxe, and when it came to our booth, I thought they had brought me the wrong burger. The Karl's Deluxe is a patty melt with caramelized onions, cheese, and a toasted inverted bun. To clarify, I am a huge fan of caramelized onions, and that is the reason for ordering Karl's Deluxe instead of the Chandler Style, Chris Style, or Beast Style. So when it came to the table looking like a regular cheeseburger, I had to do a double take.

I'm also not one who likes to complain to workers because I've been there, and they're all doing their best (some trying a little too hard using the same "It's $1,000" joke approximately 10 times to all three of us ordering). So I ate it, and yes, it was delicious. But when the store is practically a ghost town, I don't think the cook in the back needed to save the rations of the onions for the non-existent bustling crowd about to burst through the entrance.

This is the classic falling for the photos on a menu, which could be categorized as food styling. The photo is meant to be attractive and draw the eater in to order it, even though the eater knows it might not be as appealing as their mind now makes it seem. The photo on the website made it seem like the caramelized onions would be pouring out, and I'd lose a lot when picking up the burger. Of course, I expected there to be less when I received it because you can never trust a company's photo of its food. But I didn't expect to hardly be able to taste the onions — as if they weren't there. Yes, I've been a victim of food styling before, but never to this extreme. The onions should've been at least 30% of the flavor, but they were a disappointing 10%, if that.

Amanda Clark

Onions aside, the burger itself was delicious. If it was labeled as a classic cheeseburger, I would even say it's a masterpiece. I ordered the combo, which comes with the sandwich, a cup, and fies. For the fries, you could choose either regular crinkle fries or the Signature Crinkle Fries, which are seasoned with spicy red pepper, garlic, paprika, sugar, and a hint of lime, and I ordered the Signature Crinkle Fries.

The fries were cooked as any crinkle fry should be: crispy on the outside and edges and a tad bit softer on the inside. Typically, crinkle fries are too soggy or not crispy enough, but that wasn't the case here. And the seasoning added a tangy taste that made them eatable without sauce — something always appreciated.

I would return for the burgers if it weren't for the moth problem.

When ordering at the register I didn't notice them. Filling up my drink I had to swat multiple moths away. When sitting down before, during, and after having my food and eating, I was fighting for my life.

Even with the food melting in my mouth and having a beautiful buttery bun with a juicy patty, no food is worth being surrounded by moths. We should have ordered it to go because nowhere else in the mall had moths. We walked around the entire mall afterward, and I popped my head into the other restaurants (fast food and sit down) that were there, and there was not a moth to be seen. On top of this, it's wintertime when moths usually can't survive. So my question is, what is going on with MrBeast Burger that these moths are flying around in the dining area? This leads to the question of whether the moths are in the kitchen and whether they possibly ended up in my food.

Even with the option to shop for MrBeast merch from a store attached to the inside of MrBeast Burger, the store itself decorated like some of the merch, and as much as I love MrBeast content, this most likely will not be a return trip because even though the food was great, even with misleading toppings, I don't want to fight insects while eating.

Amanda Clark