It’s a lovely day for a Guinness…ice cream cone. Just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day season, Guinness has teamed up with the New York-based boozy artisanal ice cream maker Tipsy Scoop to unveil a new limited time offer, Lucky Sundaes, available now through St. Patrick’s Day. Each 16-ounce pint of Guinness ice cream contains up to 5% ABV, ensuring a St. Paddy’s sweet treat that’s a little extra lit for those 21+. 

Offering a new scoop on the iconic flavor of Guinness brews, Lucky Sundaes is made with Guinness Draught and imbued with maple pancake crunch to introduce new and unexpected ways to enjoy the world’s most iconic stout.

Kennedy Dierks

Given how much I love ice cream (and a good adult beverage), I figured it only made sense to taste-test Tipsy Scoop’s newest alcoholic dessert.

How does the Tipsy Scoop Lucky Sundaes Guinness ice cream taste?

As soon as I opened the pint, I was shocked by how much the ice cream smelled like, well, a pint of Guinness. I immediately got a hint of that malty, beer-y smell, plus the draught’s iconically rich roasted chocolate undertone.

Kennedy Dierks

Upon first bite, I was pleasantly surprised by the vanilla creaminess of the obviously-high quality pint. I tasted coffee (a classic flavor note in Guinness), which was complemented well by the sweet maple crunchies.

Roughly two milliseconds, though, is when I tasted BEER. There was no mistaking this flavor profile — as sweet and creamy as it was, Lucky Sundaes is, without a doubt, beer-infused. There was the subtle bite of alcohol, and the bite finished with the wheat-y taste of Guinness Draught. But, something about that ride made me want another bite. And another. And another.

Kennedy Dierks

If you like ice cream, and you like Guinness, and you’re over the age of 21, it’s safe to say that Lucky Sundaes may be the perfect addition to your St. Paddy’s festivities. Available now wherever Tipsy Scoop is sold and by visiting while supplies last, this ice cream is here to ensure that it’s a lovely day for a Guinness, even if you’re just enjoying a sweet treat.