What involves pinching those not sporting a hue of green, and downing inappropriate amounts of Irish beer? St. Patrick's Day of course! This holiday was first celebrated by the Irish and eventually hybridized by the rest of the world. We can thank the Irish for many things, such as milk chocolate and splitting the atom; however, their most important contribution, hands down, is Guinness. 

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Lauren Thiersch

So, how much Guinness do you think the world actually consumes on St. Patrick's day? Take a guess. Don't cheat. I'm watching you.

Here's How Much

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Josie Olschansky

Think big. Think 33 million people worth of beer; after all, that's how many Kelly green-dressed, Irish enthusiasts will be celebrating March 17th. Cut that down to account for all of the under-aged and non-beer drinkers out there, and WalletHub calculates a whopping 13 MILLION pints of Guinness are drank within the 24 hour period of St. Patrick's Day. 

These millions of pints of beer (on top of other varieties) will have consumers spending about $5.3 billion dollars on beer that day alone. So you know Guinness relies on this holiday as a major source of revenue. 

With 13,000,000 pints of perfectly served, dark, creamy, Guinness streaming down the throats of St. Patty's day celebrants worldwide, it's no wonder that St. Patrick's Day is a fan-favorite. However, this joyous holiday is also known to have a bad rep with drunk-driving; so drink your Guinness responsibly.