One thing about me is I always default to cooking with my microwave. It's just so simple and easy. Tea, oatmeal, frozen dinners, rock-hard ice cream — if it can go in the microwave, it's going in the microwave. So when I learned that there’s a cookware brand dedicated to safe, delicious microwave cooking you can be proud of, I had to try it out.

Anyday sells microwave cookware for every meal, any day. That sounds great, but what exactly makes these dishes so special? I mean, a lot of dishes are microwave safe. Anyday claims that its cookware is designed specifically for safe and easy microwave cooking. They use frosted borosilicate glass, which is a kind of glass that can withstand high heat and is often used by scientists and chefs. So this is some professional-level stuff.

Anyday also advertises its splatter-blocking glass lids, featuring a steam-trapping silicone rim and a convenient vented knob.

Trying it out

Moriah House

After removing my Anyday dishes from the (super cute) box, I decided to start simple by cooking a zucchini. Following the instructions on Anyday’s site, I tossed the zucchini slices in a little olive oil and salt, added a splash of water, and stuck the dish in the microwave for five minutes.

Moriah House

Because I like my zucchini on the mushy side (don’t judge), I ended up cooking the dish for an extra minute or two, and the results were pretty dang good. It wasn’t anything fancy, but being able to cook veggies well without a pot, pan, or oven is pretty nice.

Moriah House

Next, I tried cooking a sweet potato. This was super easy, I just chopped it into a couple big pieces, dumped it in the dish with the vent lifted, and stuck it in the microwave for 9 minutes.

Of course, you can easily microwave potatoes without a dish. But this method was a step up because it didn’t require any fork stabbing or hot-potato handling. The potato was evenly cooked and fork-tender, which I appreciated.

Moriah House

After a few more experiments, I really tried to level up my game by making poached eggs. Now, I’ve never poached an egg, but I figured why not start by doing it in the microwave? Following the site's instructions, I cracked the egg into water and stuck it in the microwave for 4 minutes. Full disclosure, I ended up freaking out and adding a couple more minutes because I was scared the egg wouldn’t be fully cooked and would fall apart. The resulting egg was a bit more hard-cooked than I’d have liked, but that can be chalked up to user error because I did cook it longer than suggested. I never would have imagined myself poaching an egg in the microwave, and I have to say it did feel pretty cool.

My review

Moriah House

So far, I’m very happy with my experience using Anyday’s cookware. I’m excited to try some more ambitious recipes like pickles, mashed potatoes, and even Atlantic beach pie. I've also found the dishes are perfect for storing and reheating leftovers, even ones that weren’t initially cooked in the microwave. The lids are very secure and great for steaming veggies quickly and evenly. I also really like the vented knob feature, which allows you to easily vent covered dishes — just keep the knob lifted. And I have to say, cooking and storing things in the same dish is really nice. Just serve yourself what you want and stick the rest in the fridge, no transferring necessary.

Moriah House

I also really appreciate (and have heavily relied on) Anyday’s website. It provides fairly straightforward instructions for cooking various grains, proteins, and veggies, along with tips and answers to common questions or concerns that might come up in the cooking process. They’ve even created custom recipes using ingredients from amazing brands like Omsom and everyone’s favorite cult grocer, Trader Joe’s.

Is Anyday worth the investment for college students?

Anyday’s Starter Set (which includes a large deep dish and a large shallow dish) is currently on sale for $85. This is a bit of an investment, but for dorm-dwelling students the ability to easily and safely cook and store leftovers with only a microwave and a minifridge is likely to pay for itself pretty quickly. As someone who cooks in the microwave a lot, these dishes have made the experience a lot smoother and less stressful. It’s really nice to not have to frantically google whether dishes are microwave safe, or should be covered, or what setting I should use.

If you plan on cooking in your dorm and will be relying on a microwave as your main appliance, it's definitely worth considering investing in some Anyday cookware. I know I would have benefited from having these dishes throughout my dorm-living era, and I think they could save future collegiate chefs a lot of time and stress. Plus, they will definitely level-up your dorm cooking. Forget frozen dinners, you'll be whipping up shrimp cocktail and shakshuka à la microwave.