Growing up in a busy suburban household, frozen pizzas were a reliable go-to for a quick meal, especially after a long day. Now navigating living independently as a college student, I’ve come to appreciate their convenience just like my parents did. Frozen pizzas are budget-friendly, plus all you have to do is throw it in the oven for about 20 to 30 minutes (it’s up to you and your desired crispiness). With a plethora of options available, finding the perfect pie is easier than ever. So, a taste test is needed here to find the best frozen pizza. Aside from having gone through my fair share of frozen pizzas (including vegan and gluten-free pies), there were a couple of things I was going for when conducting this absolutely necessary test: cheese, crust, and flavor. A pretty standard rubric, but the three major factors in finding a good pizza

11. Banza — Rating: 3/10

Photo via Banza

Unfortunately, Banza’s promise falls short. The decent amount of cheese does not make up for the thin unseasoned chickpea crust. It has a bland taste, making it a less-than-satisfying choice for pizza enthusiasts seeking flavor complexity and texture. However, this is a great option for anyone seeking a gluten-sensitive option. 

10. Home Run Inn — Rating: 3.5/10

Photo via Home Run Inn

While Home Run Inn’s pizza offers a generous amount of cheese, its flavor profile fails to impress, leaving it at the bottom of the list. The thin crust lacks the depth of seasoning needed to elevate the overall taste experience.

9. Amy’s — Rating: 3.8/10

Photo via Amy's

Amy’s pizza caters to the vegan market with its offerings, but its execution falls short with slightly rubbery cheese and an overwhelming tomato-basil taste that overpowers other ingredients. While appealing to those with dietary restrictions, its flavor profile may not resonate with all consumers.

8. Whole Foods — Rating: 4/10

Photo via Whole Foods

Whole Foods’ pizza offers a satisfactory eating experience with its decent crust texture and subtle crunch. However, it lacks the bold flavors that set other brands apart. Despite its fresh ingredients, it doesn’t quite deliver the flavor punch that consumers may expect from a premium brand like Whole Foods.

7. Freschetta — Rating: 4.5/10

Photo via Freschetta

With a commendable crust and well-cooked consistency, Freschetta’s pizza manages to maintain a cohesive flavor profile despite its sparse cheese distribution. While it may not be the cheesiest option on the market, its overall taste is still enjoyable for those looking for a balanced frozen pizza experience.

6. Newman’s Own — Rating: 5/10

Photo via Newman's Own

Newman’s Own offers a thin crust pizza with exceptional fresh mozzarella, but it falls short in delivering a robust basil and sauce flavor. While its simplicity may appeal to some, others may find it lacking in the boldness that characterizes traditional pizzas.

5. Tombstone — Rating: 5.5/10

Photo via Tombstone

Tombstone’s pepperoni pizza offers a pleasing combination of softness and crunch, providing a textural contrast that enhances the overall eating experience. Its flavor profile is well-balanced, making it a reliable choice for pizza lovers seeking a classic taste.

4. Red Baron — Rating: 6/10

Photo via Red Baron

As someone who appreciates a saucy pizza, Red Baron fell short in that department. Although pretty average for a frozen pizza, the dry crust and lack of sauce knocked it down a few pegs from its competition. While the spiced pepperoni adds a welcomed kick, it’s not enough to compensate for the lackluster overall taste experience.

3. Amazon Fresh — Rating: 7/10

Photo via Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh’s pizza boasts ample toppings and decent flavor, particularly shining with its spicy sausage and fresh mozzarella. However, it could have been cooked a little longer than the suggested time to improve the crust’s texture and overall taste, making it a solid but not outstanding option in the frozen pizza world. That’s on me though, next time, I’ll leave the pizza in for more time.

2. DiGiorno — Rating: 8.5/10

Photo via DiGiorno

I’d be lying if I said I went into this thinking that the iconic frozen pizza brand would be in my top two. I never had Digiorno before this, and let me tell you, I was impressed, specifically with their stuffed crust variation. The combination of the spicy sausage and pepperoni was the best topping of all the brands tasted. Of all the brands, DiGiorno has more to offer, but placing it second was necessary. There was something missing from the brand, and number one checked all the boxes.

1. California Pizza Kitchen — Rating: 9.5/10

Photo via CPK

Coming in an overwhelming first is California Pizza Kitchen with its frozen pizza offerings that rival the freshly made pies you’d get in the restaurant. These frozen pies really felt like I was eating pizza at the casual restaurant and that’s what I love about it. The frozen aspect of the pies did alter the flavorings of a CPK pizza, which is something I feared when taking my first bite. Its BBQ chicken pizza is a standout favorite, delivering a harmonious blend of flavors that leave consumers craving more. It’s a great alternative if you don’t want to head out to a CPK, you can have CPK at home.