After a long day of classes with a full night of homework ahead of them, many college students find it hard to make time for anything else besides work. Sometimes even going to the dining hall can take too much time or be a hassle for students that just need to get their work done. Therefore, many students resort to stocking their fridges in their rooms with dozens of frozen meals and snacks. One of the most common frozen meals college students rely on when they just cannot make it to the dining hall is pizza. Pizza is one of the simplest frozen meals as it is easy to heat up, fun to share with others, and tastes amazing. However, some students may find it challenging to discover what pizza brands they truly love and want in their dorm fridges. Read on to learn about the best pizzas recommended by college students to try on a late night.

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Pizza

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Pizza is a pizza brand that is based in San Anselmo, California and uses sourdough crust instead of regular crust made with commercial yeast. Unlike commercial yeast, sourdough has a healthy bacteria called Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB). LAB breaks down sugars into lactic acid which makes sourdough easy to digest and gives it a nice tangy flavor. Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Pizza has four different flavors of pizza: mozzarella, sunflower pesto, mushroom, and plant-based vegan margherita (which is available in select California stores). This variety of flavors available gives everyone an opportunity to find the flavor they love. Every flavor has no added sugar, no soy or canola oil, and naturally fermented crust. Overall, Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Pizza is an amazing option to have in the dorm because it is healthy, it has different flavors, and it tastes spectacular.


The next recommended pizza brand is Digiorno’s. Digiorno’s is a large universally-known pizza brand. Digiorno’s also offers many different flavors such as four cheese and supreme. A benefit to Digiorno’s is that it is available at the local Target in South Burlington for low prices around $4 a box. Digiorno’s also offers thin crust and thick crust options depending on how one may like their crust. Therefore, Digiorno’s has many qualities that make it a great choice for college students to buy.


Lastly, Freschetta pizza is another great brand of pizza for college students to try. Freschetta is available at Target and through Instacart. Freschetta pizza is also sold for relatively low prices starting at around $5 a box. Another benefit of Freschetta is that they offer gluten free pizza so that people with certain dietary restrictions can also enjoy some pizza with their friends. Freschetta also offers pizza with thin crust or naturally rising crust. Overall, Freschetta is also an amazing option to consider when buying frozen pizza for the dorm.

In conclusion, Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Pizza, Digiorno’s, and Freschetta are three great frozen pizza options that would be great for college students to try. Each of these brands has amazing benefits ranging from health, price, and convenience. Since pizza is such an easy and delicious meal to have, it is great that there are so many amazing brands like these three to try while juggling your life as a college student.