There is nothing like biting into the perfect fried chicken sandwich. A perfect crisp in the chicken paired with a soft bun and balanced toppings is one of the best foods out there. In Gainesville, there are two specific fried chicken restaurants that are beloved: Birdie Box and Germain's. But, which fried chicken sandwich is better? Time to answer the long-awaited debate: Birdie Box vs Germain's.

Birdie Box

At the Birdie Box truck, I ordered the Classic Sando and bonuts. This sandwich came with fried chicken breast and house-made pickles and was served on a Martin's potato bun. Bonuts are a Birdie Box original creation of a biscuit/donut. The servers were very friendly and gave me advice on what sandwich to order. Waiting for my food didn’t take long as I was greeted with my food relatively quickly. The sandwich was warm and I was ready to try it.

MaryRose Soto

The first bite made me very happy. The chicken was the perfect texture, though it was a little too salty for my taste. The bun wasn’t my favorite either. It was a little too soft and left me with way more chicken than bun. While I chose this sandwich, I still craved more toppings. Next time I come to Birdie Box, I am more likely to order their chicken bacon ranch sando or Nashville hot sando, as I love as many toppings as possible.

Karene Hermon

I couldn’t pass up on trying the bonuts. They were warm dough balls of heaven. There was something citrusy about the bonuts that was quite lovely. This was my first time trying a bonut, but it won’t be my last.

MaryRose Soto

The menu has a variety of fried chicken sandwiches but not much else. While they have a great fried chicken sandwich, it would be nice to have some more options. Overall, I would definitely come back.

Final rating: 8.5/10


At the Germain’s truck, I ordered the classic sandwich. This sandwich came with lettuce, tomato, house-made pickles, and secret sauce. It was served on a brioche bun with a side of french fries. The wait for this sandwich was a bit longer than Birdie Box, but it was definitely worth it.

MaryRose Soto

Within the first bite, I knew I was a Germain’s girl. The balance of flavors was perfect. Everything from the better bun to less salt made this my new favorite fried chicken spot in Gainesville. While the fries were forgettable and a little bland, the sandwich made up for it. The chicken was crispy and flavorful. I also loved that this classic sandwich came with more toppings. I have no complaints about my sandwich.

MaryRose Soto

Similar to Birdie Box, there isn’t much on the menu besides chicken sandwiches. They do have a couple salads that look intriguing, though. This chicken sandwich was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I am for sure coming back as soon as possible.

Final rating: 100/10

I think it’s clear that Germain’s is the winner. While Birdie Box still makes a great fried chicken sandwich, Germain’s makes the perfect fried chicken sandwich. Next time you need to satisfy your fried chicken cravings, I highly recommend Germain’s.