We might not have all of our sports at the moment, but at least we can eat our favorite foods. Here are some ideas for snacks to eat at home based on the sports league you are missing most. 

NCAA- Pizza
meat, chicken, sauce
Megan Ryan

You probably were looking forward to watching March Madness or perhaps you are a college student missing participating in sports or watching classmates compete. There’s nothing more college than eating pizza. Whether it is Slices at Colgate, Enzo’s at Duke, Pepe’s at Yale, or Mr. Mike’s at UVM, late-night pizza is an essential part of life. If you don’t want to do delivery, here are some great pizza recipes from easy classics to more unique recipes, like peanut butter s'mores pizza. 

NBA- Tacos

Jaime Wilson

Since King James (Lebron James) tried to trademark Taco Tuesday last year, tacos are a fitting NBA food option. Furthermore, Taco Bell is a sponsor of the NBA. This year, for example, they sponsored the 2020 NBA All Star Weekend Skills Challenge. Thus, you might channel the NBA by ordering delivery from Taco Bell, which can be found on GrubHub. Or, make your own epic tacos. Here are some recipes to get you started from healthy black bean and butternut squash tacos to sugar cookie and choco tacos. 

NHL- Poutine

poutine, sauce, mushroom, gravy, cheese
Jenn Ryan

Canadians represent the largest group of NHL players with 42.8%, so it is natural to choose a Canadian dish like poutine. This dish, made up of a french fry base, cheese curds, gravy and a multitude of other optional toppings, is a staple of Canadian hockey arenas. It also sounds like just the sort of crazy comfort food we need right now. If you can’t get a poutine delivered, here is a classic poutine recipe. If you want to really explore your cooking skills, try a “healthy” version of poutine, made from sweet potato fries, peanut butter, chocolate, coconut whipped cream, and nuts.

MLB- Hot Dogs

mustard, ketchup, sausage, hot dog, bun, sandwich, bread, beef, meat
Tara Bitran

One of my favorite things about attending a baseball game is getting a Nathan’s hot dog. While I am a fan of a simple hot dog with ketchup, you can also get more creative with recipes inspired by MLB stadiums around the country. If you miss the NBA as much as MLB, you might be inspired by the Miami Marlins Miami Mex Taco Dog: a taco hot dog. If you miss the NHL along with MLB, then the Detroit Tigers also can inspire you with their Poutine Dog.

If you are in more of a dessert mode, this baseball bobble-head cake pop recipe is a great option!

Premier League- Football Pies

Jacqueline Weitz

When I went to my first Chelsea game in February, I searched every vendor for a soft pretzel. Instead, I found varieties of meat pies available. In addition to meat, these pies are filled with gravy and vegetables. This recipe in particular makes small portions, just like the ones served at Premier League stadiums.

International Tennis Federation- Tennis Fruit Cake

After last year’s five-set thriller between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer at Wimbledon, I was crushed to hear Wimbledon 2020 was cancelled. BBC Food’s tennis fruit cake recipe in honor of Wimbledon can offer some solace. It is both a delicious and beautiful cake. If you are gluten-free like last year's men's winner, Novak Djokovic, you could easily substitute the flour with gluten-free flour.


chicken, chicken wings, Bowl
Casey Tang

We were lucky to have some football this spring courtesy of the XFL until COVID-19 caused a delay of game. We haven’t missed NFL games because of COVID-19, but there are some of us that always miss football when it is not on television! Pats fans mourning the loss of Tom Brady as their quarterback might indulge in making some avocado ice cream to drown their sorrows. If you want something to truly remind you of football season, wings are perfect. Buffalo Wild Wings is offering delivery, too!