Deciding which dip to bring to a party can be really stressful. Not only do you have to pick something people will like, but you should strive to bring a dip that's filling and different from the other ones your friends will bring (aka leave the store-bought ranch dip at home). Heck, your dip can even make a statement and make people remember you. But that's a lot of pressure, so let the stars lead the way. Here is what party dip recipe you should bring, based on your zodiac sign. 

Aquarius: Pizza Dip

pizza, cheese, dough, sauce, mozzarella, meat, crust, tomato, pepperoni
Amy Yi

At the last party you were at, you heard everyone talking about how they wanted pizza, so take matters into your own hands and make this pizza dip. This way when you get approached and complimented by people at the party, you can get into an intellectual conversation debating the ethics of GMO tomatoes in the canned sauces.

Pisces: Vegan French Onion Dip

cutting board, knife, onion cut, raw onion, onion
Jocelyn Hsu

You're going to bring vegan dip because you want the animal lovers at the party to feel included and loved. You'll probably put your dip out onto the table, then gently remind your vegan friends that it is there. Then you'll go into a quiet room and sit, because that is too much social interaction for one day and now you need a nap.

Aries: Fiesta Baked Bean Dip

tomato, meat, soup, vegetable, chili, parsley
Hana Ezaldein

Zesty, sexy and passionate— that’s you, so of course you are going to bring something that has people begging for water (or milk rather). Aggression is your middle name so you definitely put too many jalapeños in this dip. If your friend tries to tell you nicely that it’s too spicy, you'll probably throw the dip on the ground in a rage.

Taurus: Spinach Artichoke Dip

cheese, spinach, lasagna
Brianna Sutherland

As a Taurus, you love stability and sudden changes stress you out. Bringing the spinach artichoke dip is your specialty, because it’s a safe bet. You love to cook so having fresh ingredients is a joy for you and adding in goat cheese brings out your inner gourmet. You also know that everyone at this party will like this dip, which helps soothe your inherent insecurity about everything.

Gemini: S’mores Dip

chocolate, cookie, sweet, bread
Carlie Littman

So first you'll go through your dip recipe book 422 times before finally picking a dip. You eventually do decide on this decadent s’mores dip. It'll only take you two hours to make it (because you look up eight different versions in eight different cooking magazines). But once you bring it to the party everyone will instantly love you and rush up to you to know the secrets of your recipe.

Cancer: Fondue

fondue, cream, chocolate
Gabby Barnes

As a person with a lot of feelings, you want everyone else at the party to eat their feelings too. Hence why you'd bring fondue. But that’s not the real reason. Warm cheese and rich chocolate is the perfect way to have people take your side. You love influencing and holding something over people, so you see your fondue as an emotional weapon. You also just love a good meal and appreciate great food.

Leo: Salmon Crème Fraîche

vegetable, cream
Eva Reynolds

Only you would bring the salmon crème fraîche dip. Keeping a bougie self image is your day job, so bringing a normal dip like the rest of the party goers just isn’t in the cards for you. Not only will you bring your salmon dish, but you'll put a sticky note on the side of it saying “cooked by” so everyone knows to give you proper credit for your masterpiece.

Virgo: Guacamole

avocado, herb, vegetable, guacamole
Jocelyn Hsu

You'll probably spend all afternoon working on this guac for the party. But it’s fine because you make it completely from scratch, following every part of the recipe perfectly and cleaning the entire kitchen afterwards. You choose to make gauc because you know exactly what you are doing and the last thing you would want to have to do is call a friend for help. Once there, you'll taste everyone else’s dip and critique it, including your own.

Libra: Salsa

tomato, onion, pepper, meat, parsley, vegetable
Emily Chaisson

As a social and diplomatic individual you don't want to make anything too out of the box or controversial so you make salsa as a safe bet. You'll also bring three different types of tortilla chips so no one can complain about their favorite not being represented. If one of the party guests leaves your salsa on their plate when they throw it away you'll hold a grudge against them for the entire night.

Scorpio: 7-Layer Dip

Samantha Albers

You choose the seven-layer dip to contribute when you realize you have all of the ingredients in your pantry and can use them all up in one swoop. You'll probably invite a close friend over to hang out with you while you make it, humoring their teasing you throughout the process. Once at the party though you'll get jealous of all the other dips and refuse to give out your recipe as a last ditch attempt to be the objectively best dip.

Saggitarius: Lentil Hummus

Dina Zaret

The best dips that you make are the ones based in international flavors. A lover of travel and freedom you do not want to bring a cliché dip. Your heart is in the right place, but you'll overcommit considering this is an “advanced” dish and your cooking skills are just below basic. But you’ll improvise since you see recipes as constraining.

Capricorn: French Onion Dip

parsley, soup, vegetable, bread, cream
Andrea Leelike

You love tradition, so it’s only fitting that you bring this traditional dip to the party. You probably got this recipe from your great great grandmother and have been making and perfecting it for every party since the second grade. Also, in bringing the onion dish, you have to be prepared to make some people cry. Definitely something your condescending nature is used to. Nonetheless, you still make a damn good French onion dip.

It’s important that you consult the stars before you can take on the difficult task of handcrafting the perfect dip. But if all else fails, make a couple of these party dip recipes and next worry about the type of chip you'll use for dipping.