I’ve been spoiled. Like your grandmother, my grandmother is the world’s best cook. But probably unlike your grandmother, mine is 100% Swiss (yeah you know, like the cheese). Although actual ‘Swiss Cheese’ is a poor representation of how delicious Swiss cheeses can be, that is besides the point. The point is that anyone who loves and appreciates good food has to not just try, but experience fondue. Before you say anything, I’m not talking about your local “Melting Pot”. The restaurant includes some of the experience but aside from the dessert, none of the quality of food. Like I said, I may be spoiled by a Swiss grandmother, but I am not selfish. So, it’s time to let you in on the secret of how it’s really done.


Photo courtesy of Daniel K

The classic cheese fondue includes real Swiss Gruyere and Appenzeller cheese, shredded so it’s ready to be melted with a side of Fresh Baguette cut into bite size squares. You’ll also need fondue forks and a stove with an open flame. Lastly and most importantly, you will need a bottle of white wine and your favorite people.

There’s nothing like spinning your bite-size piece of bread into a pot of delicious melted cheese on your own special fork. It;’s a unique experience and it tastes amazing. Socializing and drinking white wine is an important part, but be careful! My grandmother would always says: don’t drink anything cold because it hardens the cheese in your stomach. Anyway, real Swiss fondue should come right after exploring the Swiss Alps and is a ‘must have meal’ for anyone that wants great food and a great experience.


Photo courtesy of Casey Broadwater