Being home for the holidays means lots of family holiday parties filled with questions from your family asking about all things related to your future after graduation (insert panic attack here). This leads any college kid to run to the make-shift bar. So take a gander on what holiday drink you should have to get through all the questions about your major and the impending doom of being a grown up. 

# Spoon Tip: James Madison Spoon University and Spoon University do not endorse underage drinking or binge drinking. Drink Smart, my friends. 

Education: Spiked Hot Chocolate

Madison Pessel

At first look this drink is innocent and sweet, just like those who take the plunge to spend their entire career helping kids read and write. However, one sip proves to show the sass education majors will have in their future classrooms (Major shout out to my high school biology teacher who did yoga in class!). 

Business: Eggnog 

Madison Pessel

You can't go wrong with this holiday drink staple, just like you can't really go wrong with being a business major. Use rum, cognac, or (if you're feeling festive AF) explore a bunch of different liquors to spike your eggnog.  

Biology: Mrs. Clause's Punch 

While everyone is out playing in the snow, these people are prepping for the MCAT, GRE, and their organic final. These students need something as strong and efficient as their study habits. The only solution is this tequila punch. 

English: Smoking Bishop

Madison Pessel

"A Merry Christmas, Bob!" If a drink from A Christmas Carol isn't festive enough for you, I have no clue what is. Use your impressive literary knowledge at your next holiday party while sipping on your smoking bishop. 

Communications: Candy Cane Martini 

Madison Pessel

Communications majors bring energy to a party. So their drink should reflect their fun and energy. This Candy Cane Martini is the perfect way to do that!

Art: Drunk Jack Frosties

Madison Pessel

Get the creativity flowing! Made with vodka, lemonade, champagne, and blue curaçao, this holiday cocktail is as unique as you!

Undecided/Undeclared: Jingle Juice

Okay, this may just be a festive jungle juice. But you're going to need something to sip on to dodge all the questions or stories about Aunt Sue's friend's 40 year old daughter's journey of 'finding herself.' 

So, whether your back home from your first semester away or only a semester away from graduating (I am having another panic attack), sip your holiday drink to lessen the blow of questions from your relatives. Happy Holidays!