One of my favourite activities during my bi-weekly Trader Joe's haul is browsing the aisle of nut butter (and nut-butter alternatives).  I've tried a good chunk of nut butter, from peanut, cashew, almond, sunflower seed, soy (plain and chocolate-flavoured) and mixed nuts but somehow have felt conscious to consume more than 1 serving due to the listed ingredients. One day, I stumbled upon an Instagram story featuring Kween Granola Butter and immediately looked into it. The cute packaging, the beautiful Instagram feed, the story of founder Ali Bonar, it all caught my attention; most importantly, the extremely positive reviews on how Kween Granola Butter tastes AND makes you feel amazing afterwards. This really is the one and only KWEEN of nut-free spreads.

Why Kween?

Nut butter, along with many nut-free alternatives are known to be notoriously filling, with one serving consisting of only 1-2 tablespoons but can keep you going for a few hours.  However, I faced a few things when moderately consuming nut butter in smoothies, with yoghurt or with fruit.  Those were: 1. feeling bloated, 2. the strong smell afterwards (boy did I feel self-conscious!) and 3. why did I not recognize so many ingredients in the label?  What language was this?

On the other hand, the ingredients of Kween Granola Butter are much cleaner, consisting of gluten-free organic rolled oats, golden flax, olive oil, allergen-free coconut oil, maple syrup and cinnamon.  Kween also takes into account those with allergens as it is produced in an allergen-free environment that is free of the top 14 allergens. You can read more about their ingredients here

Similar to nut butter, granola can also contain tons of artificial ingredients and added sugar (also watch out for those granola bars, some of them are basically equivalent to a candy bar).  On the other hand, the warm taste of granola in Kween, with only 3g of sugar, 5g proteins along with a bunch of healthy fats and fibres, provides you with a wonderful and enjoyable experience from the very first spoonful.

My dear friend, fellow foodie and Spoon-ie Krishna Dave and I met through our love for food, and I knew from the start that both she and I would fall in love at first bite.  Here is how we both like to enjoy our Kween Granola Butter-

Jenny's Favorite Way To Eat Kween: Spread it on a rice cake, and add some berries and bananas on top. YUM. 

Krishna's Favorite Way To Eat Kween: A warm bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh fruits and Granola Butter will never disappoint. Moreover, I have incorporated it with every dessert I make at home and having it with banana bread changed my life. 

Krishna Dave

Basically, you can incorporate Kween Butter into your daily lives the way you would with any sort of nut/nut-free butter.  Add it to your protein shakes, smoothie bowls, eat it with fruits and even eat it plain!  A spoonful before/after a workout always gives me a good pump of energy.  Trust me, you'll feel like a KWEEN (or KING) after your very first spoonful.  Keep your eyes peeled on their latest flavors via their Instagram, such as their Seasonal Gingerbread Flavor which I'm super excited to open in the mail today! 

Krishna Dave

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