¡Delicioso. Rico. Sabroso. Apetitoso!  My foodie experiences in Spain were definitely some to cherish for life.  Living with a Spanish host family, I was super fortunate to experience incredible homemade Spanish cuisine on the daily: from croquetas, cocida, ensaladas frescas, bocadillos, paella, and calamares to name a few. 

In addition, to fuel your sweet tooth, Spain is filled with a myriad of heladerías, serving a plethora of interesting, unique but incredible tasty flavors that are an absolute must to try when in Spain.  The best part is, each heladería is so different that you´ll have to try them all!  

1. Frozen Yogurt at Smöoy - Granada, España

This was my first time trying frozen yogurt, and I definitely fell in love with it because of Smöoy.  Never have I had such refreshing, natural and the perfect consistency in a cup, with over 40 toppings to choose from.  Having this place so near my apartment and on my walk to class was dangerous; it was simply too good.  Bonus: Smöoy's froyo is low fat, rich in fiber and gluten-free. 

2. Helado de Pionono (Crème Brûlée) - Granada, España

Piononos are a popular dessert served in pastelerías all around Granada-- which is where the dessert originated.  Think of cinnamon rolls with a tint of crème brûlée flavor.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a photo of piononos, but Granada also serves helado de pionono which tastes just as deliciousThe helado (gelato) here is something else, super rich, creamy and flavorful with the legitimate pionono flavor mixed in. 

3. Heladería Via Lattea - Granada, España

Next up is the Helada de Chocolate con Menta y Helado de Kinder Bueno.  Two of my favorite flavors (mint chocolate and Kinder chocolate), because I couldn´t simply, or ever, choose just one!  There is an are so many flavors to choose from, and as I mentioned, once you try it, you can´t get enough of it.

4. Heladerías Sabbore - Granada, España

My favorite part about this heladería was their vegan and dairy-free options! Pictured here is the vegan & dairy free helado de fresca (strawberry), helado de chocolate negro (dark chocolate), helado de granada (pomegranate) and helado de limon.  On my last day here, this was the best goodbye (or see you later) treat. 

5. Puro & Bio - Sevilla, España

Jenny Tungsubutra

My friends and I took a weekend trip to Sevilla, where one of our bucket-list items was to check out the famous Heladería Puro & Bio.  This was because the variety of gelato they sold were amazing- lactose-free, organic yogurt, rice milk, semi-frozen desserts with unique names such as ´Sevilla´ (pictured above).  Sevilla was a creamy cinnamon gelato with bits of oranges embedded in it, it was absolutely delicious and super interesting! Puro & Bio is a must check-out if ever in Sevilla.

6. Heladería Borgonesse, Madrid España

This was the first heladería I tried in Spain and as a lover of all things Kinder Bueno, I knew I had to try this.  I also tried the fresca (strawberry) flavor at this Heladería, and that was when I began to notice the Heladerías around Spain contained a significantly different taste to strawberry ice cream in the US. It is not too sweet and tastes legitimately like fresh strawberries. 

Other fun merendas (snacks)... 

7. Empanadas Argentinas - Sevilla, España

Jenny Tungsubutra
Jenny Tungsubutra

I´ve been obsessed with empanadas since I first tried them in the US, but this store was another level. The empanadas were small, tasty and crispy. I immediately regretted not getting a whole box because they were SO delicious.  I got the cebolla y queso (onion and cheese) and my friend got the pollo Thai (Thai chicken).  The ratio of crispy bread crust to filling was perfect! 

8. Chocolatería San Ginés - Madrid, España

Of course, how does one go to Spain without trying the famous chocolate con churros?  This was my first time trying them in the famous ´Chocolatería San Ginés` in the hustling capital of Madrid, and I couldn't have imagined a better way to start my study abroad experience!  The chocolate and churros each have a distinct taste, and even more distinct when eaten together. 

The chocolate is rich, thick and dark.  The best part is, it can be sipped like a cup of hot chocolate (perfect for those New England winters), while the churros are crispy, warm and in my opinion, an enhanced, Spanish version of fried dough or funnel cakes.  Although I must admit, they do have a strong and distinct taste which I will remember for the rest of my life.

9. Fresh Strawberries - Granada, España 

Jenny Tungsubutra

A little break from all the dulces y postres, but definitely another highlight of my foodie experience in Spain was the fresh fruit.  There were fruterías everywhere, and the fruit in Spain (de temporada) was incredible, they were so rich in natural sweetness.  My favorite dessert at home was when my host mom would make frescas con zumo de naranja which was simply strawberries and freshly made orange juice.  Hard to pick my favorite fruit, but fresh strawberries are definitely one of my favorites, especially the strawberries in Granada!

Overall, the food scene in Spain is full of endless possibilities.  There are a plethora of incredible panaderías, pastelerías, cafeterías, fruterías, heladerías, tapas bars and more to discover.  As foodies we all know, one of the most important components of traveling is the new types of food you try as well!

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