Born in the States with roots from Bangkok, Thailand, Thai food is a huge part of my identity.  However, besides the 2am greasy Pad Thai takeout and warm curries during Boston winters, there definitely are a lot more hidden gems within this among this delicious thai-pe of cuisine. 

Jenny Tungsubutra

Sticky Rice, Chicken & Lao Steak 

“Sticky Rice” (Thai: Kao Niaw) may sound a bit unusual at first. You may have heard of Mango & Sticky Rice, a popular Thai dessert, but in Thailand, sticky rice is also commonly eaten with meat as well.  "Sticky Rice Saturday” became a thing where my family and I would enjoy some delicious sticky rice, with a side of spicy sauce and chicken, Lao steak or pork. 

I used to snack on plain sticky rice (the way you would eat a granola bar now), which I guess goes to show how much I love it. 

Jenny Tungsubutra

Thai Fruit 

Although there an extremely wide variety of delicious Thai/Southeast Asian fruits such as a Rambutan, Jack Fruit, DURIAN, two of my favorites amongst that lengthy list are Thai mangoes and mangosteen. Both are very naturally sweet fruits  Mangosteen (in the second photo) has a tangy sour taste to it, and is commonly found in Southeast Asian countries. 

Also, we Asians know everything tastes 100 times better when our mums serve us perfectly-cut fruits.  

Jenny Tungsubutra
Jenny Tungsubutra

Khanom Tom  

Thai desserts aren't commonly found in the States the way Thai restaurants are, which is why they definitely deserve a lot more recognition for how delicious they are.  These boiled rice flour dumplings aka Khanom Tom (literally translates to boiled desserts) are among my top favorite sweet treats.  They are coated with shredded coconut, stuffed with a filling of coconut melted with coconut milk and palm sugar.

These aromatic and soft coconut rice flour balls are sold in little plastic boxes, and you can easily finish a whole serving, trust me.  My favorite store which sells Khanom Tom from the outskirts of Bangkok is Daeng Seafood.

Thai Noodles (with pork & wontons!)

Jenny Tungsubutra

There are an endless variety of noodles in Asian cuisine.  However, there are also many components to what makes it a good bowl of noodles.  For me, it has to be the meat, the soup, the vegetables, of course, the noodles itself and sometimes, the WONTONS.  These were from Yuan Mi Pang Pao, which contained all of the above in one bowl.

If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, take a visit to check them out! Although, you may find yourself lost among the plethora of noodle stores from the streets to the most expensive shopping malls in Thailand. 


Jenny Tungsubutra

Thai Larb is what I like to call, the Thai version of a super satisfying protein-packed salad. This combination of protein (i.e. pork, chicken, SALMON), lime juice drizzle, chili flakes, fish sauce, and herbs is an intense infusion of delicious flavors! Again, Larb is another common dish served with sticky rice but likewise to most salads, you can also eat it plain.  

Trust me, you'll LARB it!

Young Coconut Cake 

Jenny Tungsubutra

For my birthday turning the magical legal age of 21, there was no better way to enjoy it than with a fresh coconut cream cake.  I am a lover of all things coconut, and if you are too, Thai desserts are something you must try.

This was by far, the best birthday cake I have had. The coconut was super fresh, the cake was super moist, and the cream was super fluffy and light.  If you are in Bangkok, pay a visit to PuiMek Bakery for some of the best cakes you will ever have.  Big shoutout to my mum for ordering this cake for my 21st! 

Jenny Tungsubutra

Pictured above, is one of the many memorable meals (another scrumptious Sticky Rice Saturday) in quarantine with several varieties of pork, grilled vegetables and sticky rice.  It really is the little things like this which made quarantine so bearable.  Although I do miss going out to local restaurants, being a foodie at home has its benefits too.  

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