With finals approaching, anything that spells free and coffee is not to be ignored. Spoon is doing our part to make Georgetown a brighter place these next stressful few weeks. Yes, you heard us right: we're hiding golden spoons around campus.

Look out around Yates, Leos, Lau, and HFSC for your chance to win. If you're in desperate need of a study break, grab some of your friends and get hunting. For those lucky enough to come across a spoon, redeem it for one free drink at any one of our participating locations: Grace Street, Saxby’s, MUG, Midnight Mug, and Uncommon Grounds.

If you're wondering which location to run to with your spoon in hand or which coffee drink you should order once you get there, look no further. Here are some of the best drinks to power you through finals (but let's face it, any drink tastes better when it's free). 

Maple Vanilla Bourbon Latte from Saxbys

Saxbys' newest drink is great if you're on your third cup of the day and are looking to mix it up. This mix of fall favorite flavors with a boozy kick may just be what you need to brave Lau 5.

Latte from Grace Street Coffee

Grace Street serves up some quality coffee, so you can't go wrong with a classic latte here. Plus, their location doubles as a great study space.

All the King's Chai from the Corp Locations

If you can't decide between coffee or a chai latte, a great way to spend your golden spoon is to order both in one. 

With so many great coffee options around Georgetown, Spoon wishes you happy hunting. Look out for some of our upcoming events next semester!

Special thanks to our participating locations: Saxby's, Grace Street, and The Corp!