It may go without saying that Corp drip coffee—about the simplest drink you can order at a coffeehouse—has historically had an uneven reputation among student customers. As of last week, however, The Corp has challenged that reputation with the introduction of a new coffee vendor, Compass Coffee. Coffee storefronts Uncommon Grounds, MUG and Midnight Mug have undergone a complete coffee overhaul as part of the company’s on-going efforts to support local, high-quality initiatives.

Employees are sporting “Ask me about our new coffee!” buttons, but drip coffee is not the only new product being served at Corp storefronts; the business transition has meant some other exciting product adjustments as well. Don’t miss any of the latest changes with this list of four Corp drinks that want you to give them a second chance.

1. Fruit Smoothies


Photo by Zara Rabinko

If you don’t have your own love doctor this week, make way for The Corp’s new smoothie product, Dr. Smoothie. An online vendor, Dr. Smoothie boasts blends made from 100% crushed fruit, available in new flavors such as 5 Berry, Peach Pear and Pineapple Paradise. Each large smoothie contains 5 servings of fruit, and no artificial ingredients, so it’s basically the perfect breakfast option.

Fun Fact: Regular Corp fruit smoothies used to contain 420 calories, but with Dr. Smoothie you’ll only be taking in 260 of those bad boys.

2. Chai Latte

People change. So do chai lattes. Corp coffee services have made the switch from a powdered chai latte base to a liquid concentrate for a healthier, more authentic taste. The product comes from a family-owned business called Maya Chai, whose owners wanted to share the flavors of their childhood in India with tea enthusiasts in the United States. Stick with the original chai blend, or try the new ‘Devi’ flavor for a less sweet experience that Maya describes as “devilishly spicy.”

Fun Fact: Behind the counter, a chai latte with an added shot of espresso is called a ‘dirty chai latte.’ Order like a pro and spike your bloodstream with this match made in heaven.

3. Espresso

Espresso wants to take your relationship to the next level. All Corp coffee storefronts are now outfitted with new La Marzocca Vulcanoes, fully automated espresso grinders that grind, dose and tamp espresso for the barista. These machines are re-calibrated each morning to ensure that each shot of espresso benefits from the perfect combination of grounds, water pressure and time—even if your barista is a freshman new hire on his first day. Whether you prefer to bury your latte in caramel syrup or start the day off straight with an americano, Corp espresso is stepping up her game and calling your name.

Fun Fact: A mark of good espresso is the tawny-colored crema that forms on top. If you can sprinkle a pack of sugar over your shot without it sinking immediately, you’ve got a good thing going.

4. Coffee


Photo by Zara Rabinko

Last but (for once) not least, Corp drip coffee is making changes and hoping you’ll take notice. The new coffee vendors, Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez of Compass Coffee, decided to open a coffee shop and roastery in Shaw after developing renewed appreciation for the craft of coffee-making during their sleep-deprived time in the Marines. Upon returning from Afghanistan, the pair spent months perfecting their coffee blends, and has been covered by Thrillist and The Washington Post among others; luckily, you can taste the final product with just a short trip to Lau, the Leavey Center or the ICC. Corp storefronts are serving Cardinal Blend, a medium-roast coffee made from beans grown in Central and South America that is “smooth and mellow” with hints of milk chocolate and caramel. Despite the higher quality product, coffee prices have not changed, so don’t be shy about getting to know The Corp’s latest addition.

Fun Fact: The owners of Compass Coffee prefer to work to the dulcet tones of Drake, so as an added bonus, your coffee may just be infused with The Motto.

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