Sangria is a Spanish cocktail that traditionally consists of red wine and chopped fruit (oranges, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, apples, pears, etc.). Typically, sangrias are mostly popular during the summer. However, all of these sangria recipes are so freaking addicting and simple, you're going to want to make them all year round.

It's hard to meet up to the real Spanish sangria, but these recipes come pretty darn close. What better way to use up that cheap wine and fruit you went all out buying on your last grocery trip and get your daily serving of fruit at the same time than making this staple drink? Call your friends over, impress them with a jar of sangria, and get a taste of Spain during anytime of the year.

1. Cherry Watermelon Sangria

cocktail, ice, juice, alcohol, lemon, mint, wine, liquor, lime
Haley Abram

This sangria recipe uses the best of two fruits that peak during the summertime — cherries and watermelons — in combination with Chardonnay wine and Bacardi rum (but any brand will be fine) to top off the sweetness yet tanginess of sangria.  

2. Apple Cider, Pear, and Pomegranate Sangria

juice, ice, cocktail, lemonade, sweet, apple, tea, iced tea
Rebecca Buchanan

The taste of fall in just one drink. Round up all your favorite fall flavors and indulge in this Autumn sangria during Thanksgiving.

3. Fruity Sangria

jam, sweet, marmalade, gelatin, juice, tea
Emily Genzer

You can’t go wrong with a traditional sangria recipe. All you need to do is combine apples, pears, and oranges to make a classic yet completely worthy cocktail. You can adapt it by using rum instead of brandy and add your preference of fruit as well.

4. Sangria Slushy

jam, berry, gelatin, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cream, sweet, marmalade
Kelly Logan

Why not use that bag of frozen berries you keep forgetting about to make your very own boozy spin on your favorite childhood icy drink? Turn all that leftover wine and bag of frozen berries into a berry (get it?) irresistible slushy.

5. Classic Sangria

juice, cocktail, alcohol, ice, liquor, sweet, wine
Susanna Mostaghim

If you're looking for a classic version of the authentic wine drink, take your favorite seasonal fruits and add the booze. You can add any fruit that you like, but apples and pears tend to absorb the rum and the wine better. 

Be adventurous and try making your own spin off to a classic sangria. Then, invite your friends over to show off your mad hosting skills. You got this.