Ah, tofu — people either love it or hate it. Some people don't even know what it is because they have never tried this interesting protein. Yes, tofu is very bland, but it's such a great vehicle for tons of opportunities of flavors, is of different forms to use, and contains many benefits to having tofu as part of your meals. Therefore, read on to find out how you can make tofu taste delicious. 

Add Spices and Marinate 

Tofu is such a great vessel to hold all these flavors and spices and it'll add a great texture and depth to your dish. To make tofu actually taste like something, use different spices such as turmeric and paprika, and marinade your tofu with soy sauce, ginger, and more. 

Spoon Tip: Make sure to drain your tofu and press it so all the liquid is gone. That way, it'll soak up the flavors even more. 

Make it a Sweet Dessert 

Yes, that's right. You can even eat tofu as a dessert. For example, dou-fu-fa is a sweet tofu Chinese dessert, and it's smooth and delicious. Check out the recipe here.

Pan Fry That Tofu 

If you're not into that soft texture of tofu, you can cook your tofu to have a beautiful crust around those soft insides. Use cornstarch to pan fry your tofu and drench it in sauce to make a delicious bite. Again, make sure to press your tofu before cooking.

Add it to Other Foods 

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Katherine Baker

If you can't eat tofu alone, which is usually not eaten by itself, add it to: scrambled eggs for extra creaminess and protein, noodle soups and soups, stir fry, other proteins, and vegetables. The possibilities are endless!  


If you're now adventurous to try tofu, or want new ways to eat up all that delicious tofu, here are some recipes for you to try out! 

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Happy tofu eating!