Kylie Jenner continues to prove that she can totally take on Martha Stewart in the kitchen. She's already shown us how to make grilled cheese, host friendsgiving, and cook the ultimate brunch.  Today, on her Snapchat (@kylizzlemynizzl), she's making banana pancakes for breakfast. Get out your mixing bowls, whisk, and skillet because we have her full recipe, courtesy of taking insane amount of screenshots of her Snapstory.

1. It's All About the Banana

Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

"First step, banana. Make sure it's brown," Kylie explains on her Snap. "I usually like mine a little more brown than this — but it'll do." The browner the banana, the sweeter. She must have a sweet tooth.  

2. Mash it Real Good

Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

Next, she makes a quick video of her mashing the banana in a bowl. Her secret — use a mashed potato masher, not a fork. Mash it real good to make it look like mush.

3. Add Magic Pancake Powder

sweet, cream, milk
Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

Once the banana is all mashed with no lumps, add 1 cup of Bisquick pancake mix. Aunt Jemima works too. 

4. Add Milk

beer, wine, milk
Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

Kylie gets fancy with her ingredients. She uses half a cup New Barn vanilla almond milk to add to her pancakes. It's organic. Adding milk will make the pancakes more fluffy.

5. Egg Time

egg, flour, yolk
Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

Once you've added the pancake mix and milk to the banana mush — add one egg. 

6. Make it Sweeter

egg, flour, cereal, wheat
Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

Kylie makes her banana pancakes even sweeter by adding one table spoon of brown sugar to the mixing bowl. I knew she had a sweet tooth. 

7. Add More Flavor

egg, fried egg, egg yolk
Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

The last ingredient she adds is half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. These pancakes should be named vanilla banana pancakes. Yum, I'm starting to get hungry. Loving the pink measuring spoons, Kylie. They totally match her nails.

8. Mix it All Up

egg, batter, flour, cream
Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

Get your muscles ready — it's time to whisk. Mix it all up so that the egg is completely blended in the bowl. You should be breaking a sweat.

9. Let it Bubble

dairy product, cream, bread
Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

Pour the mix onto a hot griddle or skillet and let it bubble. Kylie doesn't get too creative with the shape of her pancakes, but we recommend doing some fun pancake art. Use a ziploc bag or an empty ketchup bottle to make cool shapes or just a sophisticated circle. 

10. Flippin' Enjoy

pancake, sweet, pastry, bread, cake, flour
Photo courtesy of @kylizzlemynizzl on Snapchat

The last step in Kylie's banana pancake recipe — flip. Literally do a flip because you're done. Once the pancake is a light shade of brown on each side, take it off the griddle and into your mouth. Mmmm, we loveeeee banana pancakes.