Kylie Jenner had the ultimate Friendsgiving on Tuesday. She had all her BFFs come over and they all pitched in to make something for the table. We put together all of the Thanksgiving recipes we've created at Spoon, to help you have a Kylie Jenner Thanksgiving feast.

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Marina Nazario

Brussels Sprouts

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Photo by Kelda Baljon

Kylie's BFF Jordyn Woods made the Brussels sprouts on Tuesday. Apparently "she's the master", as Kylie said in her snap. Use this roasted Brussels sprouts recipe that we created at Spoon to bring to the table on Thanksgiving. 

Mashed Potatoes 

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Photo by Bernard Wen

The mashed potatoes in Kylie's snap looked cheesy and delicious. We have a recipe for mashed potatoes that are a whole lot of comfort. 


Maddie Stanley

Kylie and her friends made cute, Thanksgiving themed cornbread cups so we wanted to share our vegan cornbread recipe with you. Fill the batter into a cupcake pan to make them like Kylie. 

Candied Yams

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Catherine Vo

"I got my famous candied yams in there," Kylie said in her snap. Yes, we do too. But I bet Kylie has never tasted our sweet buns filled with purple yams recipe. Yum, now we're getting creative.

Green Bean Casserole

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Morgan Nielsen

It's the first time Kylie and her friends are making green bean casserole. Anastasia Karanikolau was in charge of this recipe. She should have totally used our classic green bean casserole. It's creamy and delicious. 

Cranberry Sauce

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Photo by Emma Danbury

In Kylie's snap, there were multiple bowls of cranberry sauce on her table. And it's so easy to make

Mac and Cheese

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Parisa Soraya

Kylie had some delicious looking mac 'n cheese on her snap. Our butternut squash mac 'n cheese is the perfect for this time of year. 


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Photo by Rachel Ferreira

She snapped her stuffing saying, "How am I going to fit all of this in my stomach. I don't know. But we'll see." We got you with the classic stuffing recipe


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Morgan Goldberg

And of course the turkey. Kylie says, “Joy made the turkey — because you know I don’t know how to f*cking make it." Maybe take a lesson from us, Kylie.