Trying to balance a healthy lifestyle with the constraints of dorm living can be quite the struggle. It’s easy to look up healthy recipes online, but execution isn’t so easy when you don’t have a full kitchen at school.

So I decided to put together a list of six of the healthiest recipes you can make in your dorm room, listed by the kitchen appliances you will need to prepare them (dishes and cutlery excluded).

1. Fruit and Nut Wrap

sweet, strawberry, berry, chocolate, cream, candy
Nikita Satish

What You Need: serrated knife

This one is a simple and easy option for your mornings. All you need is a whole-grain tortilla, your choice of nut butter, and any combination of fruits. Just spread the nut butter on your tortilla and add some chopped up fruit. Just roll it all up and you’re ready to go.

2. Oatmeal Bowl with Fruit

milk, pasta, sweet
Megan Kotrappa

What You Need: microwave, knife

Instant Quaker Oats are a blessing for this healthy and quick breakfast. (Instructions are even included on the packet for us lazy and inexperienced college students.)

After making the oatmeal, add in some berries or sliced bananas for a gourmet look. You can even add a dash of nutmeg if you’re feeling fancy and want to shake up your morning bowl of oatmeal. (If done right, it will be totally Insta-worthy).

3. Eggs in a Mug

parsley, cream, milk
Nikita Satish

What You Need: mug, microwave

Eggs are one of the fastest way to get your protein, whether in the morning for breakfast or as a midday snack. Luckily there are ways to cook eggs that don’t require a full stove and pan, such as the mug method.

Get ready for a super fast recipe that will give you the nutrition boost you need without a hassle (very necessary for the busy college student). All it takes is a mug, some cooking spray, eggs or egg whites, your choice of veggies and cheese, and salt and pepper for taste. Enjoy!

4. Tacos

Nikita Satish
What You Need: microwave

Tacos are a super easy and fun way to feel like you’re making something that resembles a real meal, without too much work. With this recipe, you’ll have yourself a healthy and delicious meal with very little effort. It includes plenty of protein and veggies and it tastes great.

You will need whole-wheat tortillas, grated cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, beans and/or chicken, taco seasoning, and a bit of sour cream if you’d like.

#SpoonTip: no cooking is required if you buy pre-cooked chicken strips. 

5. Tropical Fruit Smoothie

juice, sweet, cocktail, ice, smoothie, mint
Nikita Satish

What You Need: blender, cup

Sometimes you just need a nice refreshing smoothie to cleanse your diet. There are tons of healthy smoothie recipes out there, but my personal favorite is the following combination: frozen tropical fruit mix (try this one), frozen mango pieces, fresh orange juice, water to thin out as needed.

The best part about this smoothie is that it just requires frozen fruit (store in a freezer if you have one, or use the ingredients right away) and a blender. This is especially convenient for dorms.

6. Avocado Toast

egg, avocado, fried egg, egg yolk
Nikita Satish

What You Need: toaster, frying pan, spatula, serrated knife

Whether it’s breakfast, a light lunch, or a midnight snack, this classic works for a variety of situations. This recipe requires a bit more of a kitchen: a toaster, frying pan and stove for eggs if you choose to make them, and a knife. A combination of whole-grain toast, protein from eggs, and healthy fats from avocado makes for a great nutritious meal.

Hopefully this list will help you figure out what recipes you can make with the limited supplies you have. Whether it’s a full kitchen or nothing at all, eating well is definitely possible. Happy eating!