June is Pride Month, a time to educate others, celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and push for greater change in how society sees and supports LGBTQ+ people. As a lover of food and LGBTQ+ rights, Pride is a great time for me to celebrate with my friends and share delicious and festive foods. If you want to celebrate the same way, here's a list of 10 rainbow recipes to make and share with your LGBTQ+ pals.

#SpoonTip: Change up the colors or flavors of any of these rainbow recipes to represent the other LGBTQ+ flags!

Rainbow Cake Roll

cake, candy, cream, sweet, pastry, chocolate
Paige Marie Rodgers

This fluffy and moist cake roll is perfect to cut and share, and beautifully displays all the colors of the Pride flag. 

Rainbow Cookies

sweet, cookie, vegetable
Emma Brant

Cookies are the way to anyone's heart, and there's no better way to say "love is love" than with a big platter of warm chocolate chip cookies in all colors. Arrange them in rainbow order on a rectangular plate to make an edible flag.

Skittles Rainbow Cake

Everyone's favorite rainbow candy has shown its support of LGBTQ+ rights, so why not "taste the rainbow" by adding them to a cake?

Rainbow Heart Cookies

This cookie screams "love is love!" with its heart-shaped center. With its rainbow heart and rainbow sprinkle coating, it's easily the prettiest cookie in Pride month.

Transgender Pride Challah

Photo courtesy of Jewcy

Celebrate the transgender community with this traditional braided bread. Personally, this recipe is super meaningful to me because it represents the Jewish community and supports the transgender community, both of which my family is part of. We will definitely be making this delicious challah at our next Shabbat!

Rainbow Smoothie Pops

Pride celebrations don't have to be limited to dessert. You can fuel up before heading to festivities with these delicious and healthy smoothie pops, which you can customize to include all your favorite colorful fruits and veggies.

Rainbow Bagels

sweet, cake, cream, sprinkles, chocolate, pastry, cookie, candy, dessert
Max Bartick

No rainbow-themed recipe list would be complete without mentioning the trendy rainbow bagel. They burst onto the breakfast scene in 2016 from The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, and have remained a sweet and brightly colored favorite ever since. 

Vegan Rainbow Meringues

candy, goody, sweetmeat, cream, cake, sweet, meringue, chocolate
Angela Pizzimenti

These insta-ready sweet treats are perfect for vegans, as they're made with aquafaba, which is chickpea water that can be whipped up like egg whites. Since Pride month is about celebrating diversity, these meringues are great for everyone to enjoy regardless of dietary needs.

Rainbow Salsa

This vibrant salsa brightens up any dish with its mix of colorful, crunchy veggies like peppers, tomato, and corn. Scoop it up with rainbow Doritos for the ultimate Pride snack.

Rainbow Flatbread

pizza, broccoli, tomato, cheese
Annalee Flaherty

There's no better way to get your daily dose of veggies than by putting it on a pizza. Try this delicious flatbread to get your vitamins and fuel your body for a month of celebration.

These gorgeous recipes will fill your stomach and heart with love and pride for the LGBTQ+ community. Here's to a safe and happy Pride Month!