It can be easy to forget what’s important during the holidays, but nothing brings family and friends together like Thanksgiving treats. Bring any of these sweet and savory Friendsgiving finger foods to the table and you’ll be sure to wow anyone and everyone.

1. Sweet Potato Bites

pumpkin, carrot, sweet, sweet potato
Shannon Staunton

Why wait until dinner time to get your gooey marshmallow sweet potato fix? Try these sweet potato bites as a spin off the classic sweet potato casserole side dish. Quick, easy and no forks necessary.

2. Apple Fries

honey, caramel, sweet
Alex Frank

Ditch the sweet potato fries and get creative this year with apple fries instead. This recipe combines all of the fall classics of apples, cinnamon and caramel, with classic American french fries.

3. Mac and Cheese Bites

parsley, tomato, chicken, macaroni, sauce, vegetable, pasta
Rayna Mohrmann

Pop one of these into your mouth and you’ll never make mac and cheese the same way again. All you need is a mini muffin pan to make this Friendsgiving finger food. The best part is each bite is like the corner pieces everyone fights over – the perfect balance of a crispy outside and gooey inside.

4. White Cheddar and Cranberry Dip

Samantha Albers

What’s a party without dip? What’s Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce? This white cheddar cranberry dip is a creative way to sneak cranberries into a finger food. Both sweet and savory, you won’t be able to resist the the taboo double-dip.

5. Crispy Hassleback Potato Bites

sour cream, bacon, cream
Cassandra Bauer

For those who can't wait for dinner to get their potato fix... these crispy potato bites are sure to satisfy. With hassleback ridges reminiscent of a cornucopia, these potoato bites are stuffed with flavors of cheese, bacon and scallions.

6. Apple “Cutie” Pies

sweet, pastry, cookie, cake, bread, flour, dough
Angela Kerndl

One of the biggest challenges of Thanksgiving is saving room for dessert. But don't fret, these Friendsgiving finger foods give personal pies a whole new meaning.

7. Pumpkin Truffles

sweetmeat, milk, goody, cream, sweet, candy, chocolate
Analiese Trimber

“Milk’s Favorite Cookie” has met it’s match. An Autumn twist on a fan favorite, Oreo truffle balls. You won’t be able to resist this dense, creamy pumpkin spice treat. The only thing this recipe is missing is a swirl of whipped cream – but who says you can’t play around with toppings.

8. Apple Pie Bites

Lauren Eiden

Is it even a true Thanksgiving if you don't have crescent rolls? This year you can skip on saying “pass the butter” and focus more on “make mine a la mode”. This twist on apple pie requires no forks and is a fun and easy way to reinvent a classic.

9. Salted Caramel Blondies

cookie, pie, candy, chocolate, pastry, cake, sweet
Lauren Kruchten

With the pumpkin spice craze starting as early as September, the mere thought of a PSL can make you cringe. But don’t worry. We get it! If you’re tired of the same old, same old then kick the apple pie and pumpkin spice to the curb and try these salted caramel blondies. These scrumptious bars remind us that we’ll always have our dear old friends, caramel and brown sugar, to lean on.