Have you been finding yourself endlessly scrolling through social media while stuck at home? I know I have. TikTok is my new favorite app and I can watch these short, entertaining videos for hours. I'm always looking for new recipes to try and Tik Tok influencer Jessie Sheehan is taking over the food space and I can't get enough. 

Who Is Jessie Sheehan?

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sheehan

Sheehan is an author, baker, food writer and influencer. Sheehan's “easy-peasy” recipes and TikTok videos show how making fabulous desserts can be both fun and easy! In addition to her creative TikTok videos, Sheehan is also the author of The Vintage Baker and co-author of Icebox Cakes

I had the chance to chat with Sheehan about some of her favorite dessert recipes for summer and I'm here to share those with you. Keep on reading to find seven easy dessert recipes you need to try. 

1. Red Current Swirled No-Churn Ice Cream

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sheehan

This easy-peasy no churn ice cream comes together in minutes in your food processor and then is swirled with a red currant compote – however, if you do not have access to currants, any fruity jam will do the trick. Click HERE to find the recipe!

2. One-Bowl Raspberry Buttermilk Sheet Cake

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sheehan

This simple sheet cake, assembled in a single bowl, is studded with raspberries pre-bake. Your whole kitchen will smell like vanilla and summer when you pull this beauty from the oven. Click HERE to find the recipe.

3. Blueberry Buttermilk Snack Cake

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sheehan

Snack cakes are the best cakes, as they are perfect for – yes, you guessed it: snacking. A snack cake is a bit smaller than your average cake and if it is bursting with blueberries, and a bit tangy from buttermilk, well then all the better. Serve with whipped cream and a few fresh berries on the side. Check out the recipe HERE

4. Peach Sour Cream Skillet Cake

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sheehan

Yes! You can make a cake in a skillet! I know: who knew? It is a super special way to bake and serve a cake – and did I mention that this particular skillet cake could not be more tender and moist? The peaches are decoratively placed on top pre-bake and additional slices served alongside each slice is an awfully nice touch. Find the recipe HERE

5. Any Fruit Your Heart Desires Galette 

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sheehan

Galettes could not be easier as they are the pie’s “free-form, “ rustic cousin – roll out your dough as close to a circle as you can get it (but no worries if it’s a bit wonky) pile “any fruit your heart desires” in the middle, fold up the edges and you are done - and done. Click HERE to get the recipe. 

6. Mixed Berry Scones

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sheehan

Though not technically dessert, nothing says summer quite like an uber-buttery and rich scone, studded to the max with fresh berries. The crunchy, sugar-y top of each scone contrasts beautifully with the soft, crumbly interior. Click HERE to find the recipe.  

7. Big Crumb Mixed Berry Crumble

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sheehan

The best crumbles are those made with the biggest of crumbs. A bed of soft, lightly sweetened berries is topped with a crunchy, sweet, buttery mess of large crumbs - and a scoop of vanilla ice cream is all you need to finish off this most perfect of summer sweets (or a generous dollop of softly whipped cream if that is more your jam.) Click HERE to find the recipe. 

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