There are very few things that I can eat everyday, mostly because I'm a girl who loves variety, and switching up my meals and snacks daily keeps things super fun for me. One of those things I can eat daily, by far, is hummus (or should I say, the most addicting spread ever created by the human race.) Im 99.99% sure that at any given moment, there is hummus coursing through my veins; I eat it by the spoonful every day, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

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What makes this spread so absolutely remarkable? Besides the taste and texture, which is perfectly creamy and delectable, its nutritional value is what truly makes me a hummus girl at heart. The base of hummus are chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, which are a source of plant-based protein, as well as a great source of fiber and other micronutrients that your body constantly craves.

When you blend garbanzo beans with tahini (ground sesame seeds: healthy fats for the win), olive oil (why hello there, anti-inflammatory bottle of goodness), and garlic, lemon juice, and sea salt, you get the perfect nourishing, wholesome dip that just about goes with anything. Plus, it's low-glycemic, which means it gets digested much slower in your body than other carbohydrates, inhibiting blood sugar spikes.

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Now, I know what you're thinking, and no, hummus is not just a baby carrot complement. The advantage of hummus is that it is extremely versatile and goes with so many different meals and snacks! You just have to get a little imaginative. Here are 7 creative, different ways to incorporate hummus into your week which I'm sure you will enjoy!

Monday: Hummus Avocado Toast

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Up your avocado toast game by spreading some hummus on it! It adds the perfect amount of creaminess, without taking away from the avocado's texture or flavor. Sprinkle some lemon juice and sea salt on there and you have yourself the best breakfast or snack! 

Tuesday: Hummus in Falafel Pockets

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Half of my heart is taken by hummus; the other half belongs to falafel. What's better than crunchy balls made of chickpeas? (Because there's no such thing as too much chickpeas, in my opinion.) For dinner, fill up a whole wheat pita with some hummus, falafel balls, and all the veggies your heart desires; I love adding tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as purple cabbage for some kick. This is a great way to eat hummus in true Mediterranean fashion!

Wednesday: Hummus Tuna Salad Panini

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For lunch, swap out the mayo for some hummus on your tuna salad! Open up a can of tuna and combine it with two tablespoons of hummus, some cherry tomatoes, and some chopped green won't even need additional seasonings because the hummus will provide it all for you! Stick it between two slices of sourdough, add some mozzarella, and grill it in a panini maker for a mouth-watering delight.

Thursday: Hummus Collards Wrap

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A great way to get your daily greens quota in is by using large leaves as wraps! Collards are great for this, since their leaves are the perfect size and texture for rolling. They also pair great with hummus! Spread some on the collard leaves evenly, then top with some vegetables and your favorite protein; salmon chunks and grilled chicken slices all are awesome options. Wrap that baby up and take a bite of heaven. You're welcome.

Friday: Savory Oats with Fried Egg and Hummus

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Sure, banana and peanut butter are the ultimate oatmeal toppers. But have you ever tried savory oats? Cook your oats as you would normally, but this time, top them with some avocado, a fried egg, some salt and pepper, and a dollop of hummus. Mix it all together and you get the most perfect savory breakfast combination you've ever tried. You might even start craving it for lunch or dinner!

Saturday: Hummus Flatbread Pizza

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Call me crazy, but marinara sauce on pizza is so 2018. The new cool kid in town is hummus, and it makes for the best pizza topper ever! Heat up some flatbread, then top it with some hummus and your favorite veg; arugula and olives go great on this. Put it back in the oven for a few minutes and you have yourself a delicious pizza dinner that will provide you with plant-based protein that you would have otherwise not had!

Sunday: Hummus and Olives on Crackers

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This is my new favorite snack obsession and I don't know how I used to live without it. Simply take some of your favorite crackers and top them with a dollop of hummus and a few olive pieces. The best thing to eat while watching a football game with friends on Sundays, and full of good-for-you nutrients and fiber, too!

It's not as hard as you think to incorporate this delicious spread into your everyday meals. You just have to get your creative juices flowing to prevent you from getting bored! And if you want to up your hummus game, here are 6 delicious hummus recipes inspired by different cultures. They're sure to be a hit with anything you eat them with. Just make sure to make enough for everyone; you'll be asked to share. Trust me, I've been there!