The Virgin Islands have long been home to the intersection between relaxed local culture, eager tourists, and a beautiful tropical environment. That combination has resulted in the invention of a number of unique cocktails

Since local islanders first threw these concoctions together, many have gained huge popularity across other islands, as well as internationally. 

Whether you're vacationing on the Virgin Islands and looking to try a taste of an authentically local drink or sitting at home, wishing you were here, there's a tropical cocktail for you. 


First invented in the 1970's at the Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, the painkiller is the cocktail on this list that has become the most popular beyond the Caribbean. It's made with dark rum, cream of coconut, pineapple, and orange juice. Don't forget nutmeg on top.


This boozy version of a milkshake was first invented on St. Thomas in 1975 at a place called The Ship's Store and Sapphire Pub. It's said it was named after a dog called Bushwack. 

To make it at home, you'll need a whole lot of booze. It's ice blended with Bailey's Irish Cream, vodka, Cruzan coconut rum, Kahlua, Amaretto, and Cruzan dark rum.

Rum Punch

The only thing about rum punch that everyone can agree on is it's originally from the Virgin Islands. Beyond that, exactly where it was invented, what the recipe is, and who has the best version varies depending on who you ask. 

To get you started on making your own perfect version, try using this recipe. It combines lime, orange, and pineapple juices with light and dark rum and a little bit of grenadine. 

Cruzan Confusion

When you land in the St. Thomas airport, you're greeted by free samples of Cruzan rum. It's a staple of the Virgin Islands from St. Croix that it deserves its own special cocktail.

You'll want to keep track of how many of these strong cocktails you down because they're made with equal parts coconut and mango rum and a splash of pineapple juice. 

Banana Daiquiri

There are many rumors where the original daiquiri was invented, but there's no questioning the banana flavor came about 50 years ago at the Mountaintop Bar on St. Thomas.

You can try it with a fantastic view at its birthplace bar, you can make your own by combining dark rum, sugar, lime, banana liqueur, water, and fresh ripe bananas. 

Midnight Tea

The famous Bomba Shack Bar, located on Tortola, is home to Midnight Tea. No one knows exactly what goes into the cocktail, which is mixed in large trashcans for their famous Full Moon Party but those who have tried it knows there a  lot of dark rum and local fruit juices. Rumor has it that they spice it up with some local hallucinogenic mushrooms. You'll have to try it for yourself to know for sure. 

Thanks to the help of the internet, you don't need to travel to these cocktails' birthplace beach bars to order one. Try making them at home for your own tropical staycation