For those of you who will escape the bitter cold by traveling to warmer climates, we salute you, for nothing beats sipping a cold drink on a warm, sandy beach or by the pool. For those of us who can’t (like me), we’re jealous, but still have to make the most of our precious break from all this college work. These five tropical cocktails will have you feeling like you’re sprawled on a beach in Mexico in no time—even if you’re looking out the window at the latest snowfall. And who knows, maybe these warm weather drinks will even help melt the snow outside.

1. The Paloma

The tequila in this popular Mexican drink will have you going from 0 to 100 real quick. Don’t worry though, the grapefruit juice and club soda mixture has you covered if your shot game has been lacking.

2. Mojito

If you’re picturing yourself sitting on a white sandy beach in San Juan, then a mojito is your best friend. The refreshing mint and lime combo will cool you down after the rum leaves you feeling hot, hot, hot.

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3. Bahama Mama

Drink one of these tropical treats and let your inner Bahama mama loose.

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4. Bob Marley Daiquiri

If school has been Jamaican you crazy, then this drink is the perfect de-stresser. Not only does it look awesome, but the sweet and sour flavors complement each other perfectly…kind of like your love-hate relationship with school.


5. Shots

Let’s be real. Mixed drinks are great for chilling, but nothing says spring break more than shots. These 2000+ shot recipes will have you feeling like you too are in Miami, bitch.

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