Step aside Kelis, because damn right these boozy milkshakes are better than yours. And they will not only bring the boys (or girls) to the yard, but teaching you is free of charge. Also, these yummy shakes are great at getting a good buzz going. So be ready to have a packed yard because everyone will be going crazy for these delicious concoctions.

1. Boozy Mint Chip Oreo Milkshake


Photo by Max Bartick

Getting blitzed just got a whole lot more fun when it involves Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and Oreos.

#SpoonTip:Try adding cool mint Oreos as well to shake things up.

2. The Drunken Cherry


Photo by Christin Urso

The name says it all. This milkshake will help you achieve the ultimate krunkness you’re looking for. Cherries are also in peak season during the summer, making this perfect during the warm weather.

#SpoonTip: Add some fresh cherries to color and give it a fresh flavor.

3. Alcoholic Girl Scout Cookie Milkshake


Photo by Laura Lim

Who would have thought Girl Scouts could help you get your drink on? It’s now possible thanks to this orgasmic milkshake.

4. Adult Chocolate Covered Pretzel Milkshake


GIF courtesy of

It’s sweet. It’s a little salty. And it’s loaded with alcohol. What could be better? It’s this recipe, so go try it out.

5. Nutella Irish Cream Milkshake


Photo by Daniah Mohammed

Think you’re obsessed with Nutella? Wait until you get a chug-load of this. It will only make it stronger, and possibly end your sobriety.

6. Piña Colada Milkshake


Photo by Parker Luthman

Piña Coladas are the go-to summer drink. Now just add ice cream, and you’ve created the ultimate summer shake. Rupert Holmes would definitely approve.

7. Boozy Shamrock Shake


Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

This recipe can help you keep the luck of the Irish going even when it’s not St. Patrick’s Day. And we all wish McDonald’s kept their Shamrock Shake year-round. Now it’s possible with this recipe.