Inflammation is your body's normal way of protecting you. However, chronic inflammation–due to excess stress, sleep deprivation, or a poor diet–is not normal or healthy.

When your body is chronically inflamed, you can experience swelling, joint pain, bloating, digestive problems, fatigue, and the worsening of diseases such as Alzheimer's, depression, and cancer.

Fortunately, there are foods that can help fight the effects of chronic inflammation. Vegetables, low-sugar fruits, healthy fats from avocados, fish, and nuts, herbs and spices, and (sometimes gluten-free) whole grains can all help to reduce inflammation in the body.

If you are experiencing any chronic inflammation, or if you're looking to simply give your body a healthy reset, here are some anti-inflammatory recipes that will make you glow from the inside out.

1. Carrot Soup with Turmeric and Ginger, from Hello Glow

Soups are perfect for healing meals because your body absorbs the nutrients from the food better. This one is packed with anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, turmeric, coconut oil, and garlic.

2. Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup, from Oh She Glows

Spicy foods = greater anti-inflammatory properties. This soup is full of every healthy spice you can imagine: cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and cumin.

3. Vegan Turmeric Quinoa Power Bowls, from Jar of Lemons

Sensing a turmeric trend?

#SpoonTip: Make a big batch of quinoa and veggies at the beginning of the week, so you can have this meal throughout the week and save yourself time later!

4. Turmeric Oatmeal, from Lauren Caris Cooks

Turmeric doesn't have to be limited to lunch or dinner! Bonus: you start the day off with healthy protein and filling fiber.

5. Blueberry Smoothie, from Be Whole. Be You.

Berries are know for their antioxidants, which are great anti-inflammatories. This smoothie is also free of common inflammatories like dairy and gluten.

6. Anti-Inflammatory Meatballs, from Grazed and Enthused

These meatballs are taken to an anti-inflammatory level with the use of ginger, cilantro, and garlic. This is another recipe you can make in a big batch and store in the freezer for easy meals later on!

7. Turmeric Chai Chia Pudding, from The Blenderist

Chia pudding is a great, healthy breakfast that you can make the night before and have it ready to go the next morning. The chai spices in this recipes make it feel even more comforting.

#SpoonTip: If you don't like the texture of raw chia pudding, putting it in a blender makes it more creamy!

8. Roasted Garlic Salmon and Broccoli, from The Natural Nurturer

The easiness of a one-pan meal plus the healthy benefits of salmon, broccoli, and garlic. I'm hungry just thinking about it (and so not looking forward to my dining hall dinner tonight).

9. Cashew Sweet Potato Chicken, from Julie Daniluk

In this dish, sweet potatoes provide carbs that are easy to digest, vitamins, and nutrients, while parsley is known to reduce arthritis pains.

10. Feel-Good Pineapple Smoothie, from Gimme Some Oven

Pineapple is often shunned because it's higher in sugar than other fruits, but pineapple is SUPER good for you. This smoothie also has coconut water in it, so you're basically drinking an anti-inflammatory pina colada, amiright?

11. Honey Balsamic Salmon with Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts, from Joyful Healthy Eats

A well-rounded meal with heart-healthy salmon, potassium-filled potatoes, brain-boosting asparagus, and fibrous Brussels sprouts.

12. Shrimp, Bok Choy, and Turmeric Soup, from Food Fashion and Fun

A soup made with healthy bok choy, shrimp, carrots, and lots of turmeric is perfect for the coldest of winter days. Bonus, it's also gluten-free and takes less than an hour to make.

13. Turmeric Chickpea Cakes with Avocado Cream, from Pure Ella

Think of it as an anti-inflammatory crab cake.

14. Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Avocado Dip

sauce, vegetable
Further Food

Besides getting the health benefits of sweet potatoes and avocados, this pairing is a taste that can't be beat. Trust me.

15. Anti-Inflammatory Cacao Granola, from The Low Histamine Chef

A breakfast cereal free of added sugar — that STILL has chocolate.

16. Turmeric Roasted Chickpeas

cereal, nut, pea, chickpeas, meat, garbanzo, vegetable, legume
Kristine Mahan

Gluten-free, coated in turmeric, and full of fiber—what more could you need?

17. Golden Milk Ice Cream, from Minimalist Baker

One for the people who think drinking liquid spices is gross, here's all the goodness of golden milk in creamy, frozen form.

18. Anti-Inflammatory Hot Chocolate, from I Quit Sugar

A life without chocolate is a sad life. Fortunately, we can all still enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate, without the harmful sugar and dairy.

19. Lemony Lentil Soup, from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

More turmeric—surprise! This one also gets the added bonus of lemon, which is great for detoxifying.

20. The Life-Changing Loaf, from My New Roots

Made of whole, gluten-free grains, doesn't need to be kneaded, and is full of fiber. This bread truly is life-changing.

Focusing on incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods, especially on herbs and spices, can help your body reset for the new year. After everything that happened in 2016, we all deserve to go into 2017 looking and feeling great from the inside out.