Many people are conscious about their gut health, especially if they've experienced gut health problems themselves. While I tried to be conscious about keeping all of my bacteria balanced, I found that many of those foods simply weren't appetizing. One food item that I loved, however, was kimchi, a Korean dish made of fermented vegetables. To make it even better, kimchi is wonderfully versatile and works in so many different recipes, so you're able to mix up what you're eating. Recipes with kimchi give you the best of both worlds—food that both tastes amazing and keeps your gut healthy. 

1. Kimchi Grilled Cheese

If you know how to make grilled cheese, then the simple addition of kimchi makes this comfort food a whole lot more beneficial without much effort at all. Experiment with different kinds of cheese and kimchi until you find the perfect fit for you, or continue to mix your kimchi grilled cheese up. 

#SpoonTip: Certain cheeses are better for your gut health than others, so make sure you're picking the right ones. 

2. Kimchi Fried Rice

vegetable, herb, rice, sauce, meat, parsley
Irene Kim

Fried rice is usually just a jumble of (mostly) healthy ingredients that you love, so if kimchi is your thing it's the perfect fit. The fermented flavour of the vegetables balances really well the fresh flavours of the other vegetables that you add, giving the kimchi fried rice even more levels of depth. 

3. Kimchi Soup

Especially in these cold winter months, soup is the name of the game. This kimchi soup is wonderfully warm and soothing and the added kimchi can do great things for your health on top of the many benefits that soup already has for your body. 

4. Kimchi Pasta

Pasta is one of those foods that always hits the spot, but can be very bland served plain. I'm always looking for that extra little kick to make that night's pasta unforgettable. The fermented flavours that come with kimchi pasta pairs so well with many other elements while giving the strongly needed boost to the pasta. 

#SpoonTip: Opt for whole grain or chickpea pasta. It'll make your gut much happier.

5. Kimchi Pancakes

sauce, chicken
Haley Abram

Kimchi doesn't just have to be for lunch or dessert, you can make kimchi pancakes for breakfast. These pancakes are grain-free; whether you're gluten-free or just looking for more ways to add kimchi to your diet, these are perfect. Recipes with kimchi are not hard to come by, but this is one of the better ones. 

6. Spicy Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are always great fun, whether you're making them for the kids or for yourself. Adding some kimchi to make them spicy pigs in a blanket adds a new flavour to a childhood finger food. These kimchi pigs in a blanket are always a blast at parties. 

7. Kimchi Quesadillas

Quesadillas are my go-to food when I'm craving cheese and don't want to put in much effort. Unfortunately, with just cheese and tortilla, you're not getting all of the healthy goodies that you need. These kimchi quesadillas are just as easy and add the most amazing, unique flavour, especially since the two fermented goods (cheese and the kimchi) go so well together. 

8. Tofu Kimchi Peanut Butter Sandwich

sandwich, bread, cheese
Ashleigh Monaco

While a tofu kimchi peanut butter sandwich may sound like an overload of ingredients, they all complement each other suprisingly well. This is the ultimate health sandwich, containing the protein of tofu and peanut butter as well as the delicious fermented vegetables of kimchi. 

9. Kimchi Scrambled Eggs on Toast

This is the ultimate meal to start your day off right. You've got your toast and you've got your kimchi scrambled eggs, giving you protein, vegetables, and carbs to start the day off right. Nobody is going to be disappointed with this meal for breakfast. This is one of the easiest recipes with kimchi to make as well. 

10. Kimchi Pizza

I've always been very hesitant to put vegetables on pizza, because I felt that fresh didn't really work for me on pizza. However, because the vegetables in kimchi are fermented, kimchi pizza allows you to have one of your favourite foods while getting your vegetables for the day. 

11. Beef Kimchi Buns

lettuce, tomato, meat, sandwich, bread, beef, salad, vegetable, kebab, gyro, chicken
Hui Lin

This is the Asian fusion-style of a hamburger and is arguably better with the kick of the spices and kimchi and the Pillsbury biscuit dough. If you're looking to get some meat and vegetables that seems familiar but is totally new, try these beef kimchi buns. If the bun portion will upset your stomach, omit the Pillsbury dough and make kimchi lettuce wraps instead.

12. Kimchi-Mayo Potato Salad

Although a potato salad may not be all greens, adding some kimchi makes it great for your gut health. Some fresh green onion adds a balance that makes this kimchi-mayo potato salad one of my favourite salads. 

#SpoonTip: For a truly gut-friendly recipe, use Greek yogurt instead of mayo.

13. Kimchi Tacos

Tacos have always been more of a "put in whatever you feel like" kind of food, where all sorts of options are laid out on the dinner table. Kimchi should become a new staple bowl at those events, because kimchi tacos are unbeatable. This is another food where we see that beautiful cheese and fermented vegetables pairing. 

14. Kimchi Mac and Cheese

vegetable, pepper, chili
Emma Lally

Another cheese and kimchi pairing, this kimchi mac and cheese brings a lot of flavour to the pasta. Adding some jalapeños can give it even more of a kick, to the point where most people won't understand how you could've upgraded such a classic dish in both health and taste.  

15. Kimchi Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are always fancy, but pretty much every deviled egg I've ever had tasted the same. Spice things up and impress your family or your guests with kimchi deviled eggs. If they ask what your secret is, you can tell them the truth: vegetables. 

Although these recipes with kimchi are great for getting you started, the possibilities are endless. Fermented foods have such an unforgettable flavour that almost everyone loves (for example, cheese). If you haven't tried recipes with kimchi— although the unfamiliar can be scary—this is one dish that's certainly worth trying.