Fruits are often called nature's candy, and it's for good reason. Whether in the form of a delicious but simple fruit salad or an addition to an already tasty treat, fruits rule the dessert game. What makes the following healthy fruit desserts so delicious are the limited amounts of processed ingredients, added sugars, and trans fats. Here are 15 healthy fruit desserts to satisfy your sweet cravings.

1. Healthy Banana Split

sweet, berry, cream, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry
Clarisse Callahan

This creative dish takes a healthy twist on a beloved classic. I love how customizable the ingredients are in this banana split recipe. For an extra boost of nutrients, use cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips. 

2. Watermelon Lime Ice Pops

Anya Barel

This simple summer treat requires minimum effort and has maximum flavor. These ice pops are a great treat to cool you off while poolside. Impress your friends by using cute popsicle molds to make fun shapes. 

3. Tropical Fruit Salad in a Coconut

Chelsi Germain

This beautiful dessert looks almost too good to be true. Luckily, with a few simple ingredients this dream can become a reality. You won't even miss the refined sugar in this tropical fruit salad.

4. Single-Serve Berry Cobbler

muesli, vegetable, pepper, cereal, granola
Kristine Mahan

This strawberry cobbler is packed with flavor and healthy ingredients. Using gluten-free flour and rolled oats, this is every strawberry lover's paradise.

5. Pumpkin Spiced Apples

cream, whipped cream
Molly Stein

This easy recipe will get you in the mood for fall. Whether you add these spiced apples to another dish or eat them alone, you will not be disappointed.

6. Dessert Summer Rolls

chocolate, banana
Brooke Daly

This creative and customizable recipe uses healthy household staples to create an amazing dessert. Try your hand at these dessert summer rolls the next time you're craving something sweet.

7. Banana Ice Cream

cream, coffee, milk, sweet, dairy product, chocolate, ice, tea
Nick Schmidt

This delicious banana ice cream features just two ingredients: bananas and any type of milk. Not enough fruit for you? Add some fruit toppings for a truly sweet dessert.

8. Raspberry and Coconut Freezer Bars

chocolate, peanut
Jody Brimacombe

These freezer bars are a must-have for any summer party. And the best part? It's vegan and filled with healthy ingredients.

9. Fruit Salad with Orange-Cinnamon Spiced Tahini Sauce

vegetable, cheese
Julia Maguire

This simple fruit salad will be an instant classic. What better way to spice up a simple fruit salad than with cinnamon and tahini?

10. Roasted Pears

sweet, pastry, pie, cake, bread, nut, chocolate
Natalie Nelson

These roasted pears will have you curling up by the fire and enjoying the amazing flavors autumn brings.

11. Chocolate-Dipped Apricots with Coconut Flakes

chocolate, sweet, candy
Anika Schaedle

This on-the-go snack is quick to make and quick to eat. These sweet apricots are the perfect snack for busy days that need a little sweetness.

12. Dole Whip

cream, sweet, milk, ice, dairy product, dairy, sorbet, yogurt
Kristine Mahan

Feeling nostalgic for your Disney childhood? Bring this classic Disney dessert into your home with just a few simple ingredients. 

13. Lemon Blackberry Cookies

oatmeal, oat, chocolate, cranberry, granola, cookie, sweet
Hareena Kaur

These blackberry and lemon cookies are gluten-free and have natural ingredients. I can't say I've ever seen lemon and blackberry paired together, but I'm so there for it!

14. Vegan Fruit Tart

berry, tart, strawberry, sweet, cheesecake, blueberry, cake, chocolate
Natalie Van Brunt

This vegan fruit tart uses soaked cashews and almonds as the crust for the tart, elevating the classic combination of fruits and nuts to a whole new level.

15. Fruit Popsicles

sweet, popsicle, strawberry, banana, pineapple, berry
Rachel Labarre

This healthy fruit recipe uses all of the delicious summer fruits you can think of, combining them in a classic and cool treat. Make these fruit popsicles all summer long for a refreshing snack.

Whether you're looking for an easy recipe or a more intricate challenge, these healthy fruit desserts are sure to satisfy. Nature's sweetest gifts are super versatile and don't need lots of added sugar to taste delicious.