Ah mid-January, here we are again. The holidays are over and those freshly fallen snowflakes that once seemed so whimsical and festive have turned to grey ice. We're done singing "Let It Snow," and yet snowing it still is. This is deep winter. And here are the top ten winter squash recipes you can make that will make you feel just a little bit better that an end to this cold is absolutely nowhere in sight (unless of course you live in California, in which case you should know you suck but should also feel completely free to jump on the cozy bandwagon and make these recipes along with us suffering Northeasterners.)


1. Maple Roasted Butternut Squash 

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Becky Hughes

Who doesn't love the simple things? This maple roasted butternut squash will give you all those comforting winter feels with minimal work on your end. If you're still looking for a detox from the holiday treats, ditch the maple syrup and brown sugar in this recipe and opt for salt and pepper or chili flakes instead.

2. Curried Acorn Squash

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Helena Lin

Acorn squash comes into season during the fall and continues to grace us with its presence all winter long. Make the most of nature's gift to you with this honey and curry roasted acorn squash recipe. The honey helps caramelize the squash while the curry powder adds an extra layer of depth to its flavor. Added bonus: acorn squash slices into adorable little rings that will remind you of the wreath that once made your front door so festive.  

3. Slow Roasted Squash With Garlic and Thyme

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Julia Maguire

We've all thrown some butternut cubes in the oven on a sheet tray and sat back to let the squash do its thing. This recipe for slow roasted butternut squash with garlic and thyme puts a new twist on a delicious classic. Covering the butternut squash while roasting it creates a slower cook that allows for the squash to fully develop that creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture we know and love.


4. The Ultimate Butternut Squash Carbonara

Lissane Kafie

Little is more comforting than a gigantic bowl of pasta, especially when you've just braved sub-zero temperatures to get back to your dorm. This butternut squash carbonara is sure to leave you fortified and ready to brave the snow again tomorrow.

5. Butternut Mac 'n Cheese

meat, vegetable, cheese, casserole, sauce, parsley
Parisa Soraya

While we're on the topic of comfort, let's turn our attention to one of the biggest comfort foods out there: macaroni and cheese. "Squash in my mac?" you might say, "Impossible!" But this recipe for butternut squash mac 'n cheese is about to change your mind. The velvety squash purée gives the dish its rich, golden color without any of the powdered fake cheese packets you may or may not have tried to eat by themselves as a child. The all-natural warm, gooey goodness is bound to take your winter game to the next level of cozy.

6. Vegan Spaghetti Squash with Pesto

vegetable, cheese, pasta, sauce
Kristine Mahan

Now I'm fully aware that we've crested past January 1st and some of you may be going all New Year, New Me, Whole30, No Sugar No Dairy No Grains on me. Do not despair. This recipe is for you. While I stuff myself with all the cheese and bread I can find, you can sit back with your vegan pesto spaghetti squash bake and wonder, "What pasta?"


7. Vegan Curried Butternut Squash Soup

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Sarah Silbiger

One good thing about winter is that it gives us full license to hunker down and be homebodies. That, and complete permission to eat as much soup as humanly possible. This vegan curried butternut squash soup fits the homebody eating bill beautifully. The creamy butternut squash satisfies your cozy cravings and the addition of curry gives the soup that extra warmth we've all been looking for. 


8. Vegan Maple Glazed Stuffed Acorn Squash

acorn squash, squash, pumpkin, vegetable, sweet, rice
Kendra Valkema

Oh, stuffing. Did you think we were done with you after Thanksgiving? Well, think again. Vegan stuffed acorn squash is just the thing that dreams are made of. Stuffed with nutty rice, earthy mushrooms, tender sautéed kale and finished in the oven with a maple glaze, this wintry entree will brighten up even the bleakest of February nights.

9. Black Bean and Butternut Tacos

tacos, vegetable, chili, bread, tomato, lettuce
Katherine Baker

When I say "winter" you say "tacos!" "Winter..." Wait, what? Yeah, no one (except maybe those Los Angelenos) associates tacos with wintertime chow. But look out because these easy, healthy, black bean and winter squash tacos are about to change that. Filled with plant-based protein, these little tacos pack a big flavor punch. Plus, the versatility of the recipe allows you to make it time and time again with the squash of your choosing... butternut, acorn, kabocha, you name it, all squashes are welcome! 


10. Kabocha Squash Cakes with Brown Sugar Cream

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on Pexels

There's nothing better than a sweet finish, and these kabocha squash cakes with brown sugar cream are sure to do the trick. Now be warned, this is a Bon Appétit recipe and it's not for the faint of heart (I'm talking gelatin sheets, saucepans, whisking, ovens, oh my!) But hey, winter days are long and if one of those days you find yourself feeling fancy, this recipe is the perfect afternoon pastime for when you want to put on your fuzzy socks, stay inside, and still feel like you've done something kind of productive. Start churning these out of your dorm kitchen and your friends (and maybe even your enemies) will be lining up around the block in no time. 

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