Regardless of what team you're rooting for, the one thing everyone can agree on come Super Bowl game day is that the food will be stellar. Super Bowl parties almost always come with huge spreads of delicious snacks, and with emotions running high, no one's gonna object to binging on everything in sight as they root for their fave team. Whether you're hosting a party or bringing a dish to a friend's, these Super Bowl snacks will be a touchdown for your whole team. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Ethan Cappello

Now, I'm not joking when I say that buffalo chicken dip is one of my favorite Super Bowl snacks of all time (and one of my favorite foods in general). If this is a recipe you've never had before, I highly suggest you give it a shot! One or two batches will serve all of your friends and add a source of heat to the Super Bowl snack spread. With recipes for blue cheese lovers and ranch dressing fans alike, buffalo chicken dip should definitely be a contender for your snack table. 

Pigs in a Blanket

pastry, sweet, bread, jam, dough, cake, bun, sausage roll
Maddie Lanier

Ah, yes, the belle of the ball at any party. Whether they're served to kiddos or grown adults, pigs in a blanket always satisfy. These little beauties are a simple, tasty classic and bake perfectly in large batches for parties. You can go the traditional route, as seen above, or be a star player with these fun-shaped pigs in a blanket (football puns are the best). 

Taco Dip

parsley, vegetable, salsa, chili, bread, cream, garlic, tomato, soup
Dina Cheney

The party dip trend continues with delicious taco dip. For last year's Super Bowl, my friend made a batch of her own and dubbed it "Touchdown Taco Dip," which is absolutely perfect for your football festivities. This four-ingredient version uses freshly browned taco meat, while this three-ingredient recipe can be made entirely in your microwave!


pizza, cheese
Ethan Cappello

No one can deny that pizza is the ultimate party pleaser. For real, though - have you ever met someone who didn't like pizza, at least a little bit? It also scores major points as yet another Super Bowl snack that easily serves a large crowd. You can opt to order in, or check out this Spoon ranking of the best frozen pizzas and choose from there!


chicken, chicken wing, Bowl
Casey Tang

Wings are a must come Super Bowl game day. After all, what's a sporting event without a basket or plate of hot chicken wings slathered in sauce? You can order in (some pizza places sell them), or even buy them frozen from the store (time in the oven will make them taste hot and fresh). Fancy making wings of your own? Give these buffalo honey wings a try, or go bold with this non-traditional parmesan garlic recipe!


bun, beef, hamburger, meat
Tara Botwinick

The humble sandwich - the unsung hero of oh so many get togethers.  Almost everyone likes one type of sandwich or another, making sliders a huge crowd pleaser on your Super Bowl snack table. They can be whipped up in large batches, will be super easy for your friends to handle, and can be made in so many different ways! For some variety, consider these tiny meatball sliders, gooey mini Philly cheesesteaks, or flavor-packed ham and cheese sliders (my personal favorite!)

Jalapeño Poppers

jalapeno, avocado, bacon, pepper
Alexa Gambero

When I was writing up this list of Super Bowl snacks, I knew instantly that jalapeño poppers had to make the list. One member of my squad always makes them come party time, and they never fail to be a huge hit. Much like buffalo chicken dip, these little flavor bombs work well catering to your party guests who don't mind a little pop of heat with their Super Bowl snacks. Eat them at kickoff for a kick of cheesy flavor (these football puns just keep on rollin' in).

Chex Mix

waffle, sweet, chocolate, candy, wafer, cookie, milk
Susanna Tuan

Chex Mix is the perfect pass-around item for a Super Bowl party. Your fellow football fans can either fill their own individual bowls with this savory snack, or pass around a massive bowl of it as you all chill on the couch! You can either buy a bag from the store, or you can choose to whip up a savory batch of Chex Mix yourself!

Puppy Chow

chocolate, candy, beignets
Tess Wei

Everyone likes a little sweet with their savory, right? As the scrumptious, chocolatey counterpart to Chex Mix, puppy chow definitely deserves to be on your table of Super Bowl snacks. There are a lot of variations to puppy chow; you can add in different cereals or even use a different nut or seed butter if anyone in your group is allergic to peanuts. If you prefer to go a more traditional route, this classic puppy chow recipe is a great place to start.

BONUS: Full-Fledged Desserts!

cake, chocolate, candy, sprinkles, sweet, cream
Jennifer Nigro

This one's for those feeling particularly adventurous come game day. While puppy chow makes for a fantastic sweet pass-around, some of you might be looking for a dessert that's a little more challenging. With a batch of Rice Krispies, some brown food coloring, and white royal icing, you can make mini or life-sized Rice Krispy footballs. If you're searching for something a little more daring, try out this recipe for the chocolate-covered strawberry cupcakes seen above. 

Whether you choose just one or many, any and all of the Super Bowl snacks above are guaranteed to score you major points at any game day party you go to. Best of luck to fans on both sides of the field! Come the afternoon of February 4th, you'll find me watching the Puppy Bowl (and maybe munching on a bowl of puppy chow!)