Have you ever been on Instagram scrolling through all of the beautiful posts of veggie-filled pictures and wondered how to get your plate to look that colorful and healthy? Well, there are a few easy steps you can take to make your meals that beautiful and have a little fun as well. I recommended a simple Mediterranean diet, inspired by these 10 Greek meal prep ideas.

Greek food is clean, tasty, flavorful, veggie-filled, and really easy to meal prep. All you've got to do is go to your local grocery store and chop up some fresh veggies for these dishes to become your new reality. Here are 10 easy Greek meal prep dishes to make this week, including foods like falafel, pasta salad, and more!

1. Greek Salad Toast

I think I just found the new "avocado toast." Can you go wrong with this loaded toast? I think not. This Greek salad toast is filled with healthy fats (cheese), veggies (cucumbers and tomato), carbs (bread), and protein (also cheese, but you can add an egg on top too). Make this toast on a warm day, and eat it outside; it will be like sitting on the coast of the Mediterranean, except your right at home!

#SpoonTip: To meal prep this recipe, slice all your veggies and store them in separate containers. When you're ready to make your toast, you'll just have to throw everything on top. 

2. Turmeric Chicken Meatball Bowls

Want to change up your meal prep? These turmeric chicken meatballs from Ambitious Kitchen are perfect for that! This dish also contains some roasted potatoes and a dreamy green tahini sauce for a healthy, protein-packed Greek meal prep dish. 

3. Homemade Tzatziki

Pita, Street food, Mediterranean, falafel
Caroline Ingalls

Tzatziki is a Greek delicacy, and it’s the perfect sauce or dressing for your meal prep this week. Made with simple ingredients like spices, yogurt (adds in some protein too), olive oil (all about the healthy fats), and sea salt, it’s the perfect condiment for your Greek meal prep.

4. Mediterranean Salmon Salad

Anyone else a huge salmon fan? *raises both hands and feet* Salmon is a great meal prep protein because of all its healthy omega-3’s, added nutrients, and protein. It also preps well, which means it keeps well for days. Make a few fillets and throw it over this Mediterranean salmon salad from Eating Bird Food for a delicious, fresh lunch.

5. Easy Pasta Salad

vegetable, pasta, pepper
Morgan Nielsen

Truth be told, pasta salad can be pretty hit or miss, but when done right it's absolutely delicious. This simple pasta salad contains tons of flavors like fresh veggies, whole grain pasta, and a simple dressing that keeps well for days, making it the perfect Greek meal prep dish for your lunches or dinners this week.

6. Baked Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a staple in the Greek diet, and these baked chickpeas from Minimalist Baker that are ACTUALLY crispy are the real deal. Made with minimal ingredients, they’re the perfect vegan protein alternative for any meal you decide to prep this week. Pair it with the pasta salad or salmon salad for additional crunch, protein, and flavor.

7. Sweet Potato Falafel

vegetable, spinach, meat, herb
Diana Ghidanac

This easy baked sweet potato falafel upgrades your falafel game like no other. It contains tons of healthy carbs from the potatoes as well as flavor, and is a great alternative to the classic dish. Pair it inside some pita bread with that homemade tzatziki mentioned above and you got yourself a delicious meal.

8. 7-Layer Greek Yogurt Dip

We all need a good dip recipe, and this 7-layer Greek yogurt dip from Fit Foodie Finds does the trick. Made with Greek yogurt, fresh Greek flavors, and a whole lotta goodness, it’s much healthier than your average dip, and it preps well for an easy snack to pair with some pita chips.

9. Sesame Falafel

Hello, sesame falafel. Nice to meet ya! This dish from Half Baked Harvest comes with a dreamy sauce as well, is vegan-friendly, and makes for another delicious falafel alternative. It contains ingredients like sesame seeds and chickpeas for a delicious Greek meal prep dish.

10. Couscous Salad

Courtney Schreiber

If you guys haven’t tried couscous, you’re missing out. It’s a much different grain than quinoa or rice, but it still has a great texture and contains tons of fiber and nutrients. This simple couscous salad has ingredients like apples, pumpkin seeds, and olive oil, which means it contains tons of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Plus side? It preps like a charm!

Meal prep really isn’t that hard, especially when Greek food is involved. Keep it simple and use easy, real ingredients, and don’t overthink it. Plus, there are a bunch of different ways to use some of these meals, so you can never run out of options.