Attending Northwestern University, there's nothing I look more forward to than Spring Break. Sure, those boozy drinks are great and all, but there's nothing I enjoy more than indulging in some Easter candy: decadent, cheery, and outside, in (usually) warm weather. This year, Target's coming in clutch with its Easter candy selection (including some exclusive treats you can only find in its stores!). Here's a list of the 10 best Easter candies you can get at Target.

1. Reese's Easter Peanut Butter Gold Eggs

It's a scientifically known fact that Reese's is the best cheap chocolate you can buy, and further "research" has even proven that this chocolate and peanut butter dream is tastier in different shapes other than cup form. Stick a couple in the freezer to harden—you'll thank me later.

2. M&Ms Neapolitan 

Whenever M&M releases a new flavor, the Internet loses its absolute mind, and for good reason. These chocolate candies are classics and perfect for snacking. For Easter, look out for these Neapolitan M&Ms if you're looking for that classic ice cream flavor without the brain freeze.  

3. Lindt Easter Hazelnut Gold Bunny 

Chocolate bunnies are definitely the cutest of all Easter candies, making them one of the most popular, but integrate hazelnuts and you've got an addicting treat you'll want year-round. Lindt's hazelnut bunnies taste like a Nutella chocolate bar, so I'll take like 15, please.

4. Peeps Easter Filled Delights

I know Peeps sometimes get a bad rep for being flavorless sugar bombs, but hear me out: They're onto something with this filled version. Coming in three flavors—orange, Neapolitan, and triple chocolate—you'll be surprised at how indulgent yet airy these little guys are.

5. Brach's Chicks & Rabbits Marshmallow Candy

Brach's seriously knows how to do holidays well. During Christmas, I always stock up on their peppermint nougats; they're melt-in-your mouth delicious. These adorable marshmallow bites look even more fun, but just as delectable as my beloved mints.

6. Haribo Happy Hoppers Easter Gummi Candy 

One of the main reasons why I want to study abroad in Germany is so that I can get a taste of Haribo gummy bears in their most authentic form, but for now, I'll settle for what I can get in America. These Hoppers take the beloved gummies we're used to seeing at the grocery store and shape them into bunnies and even carrots; talk about festive.

7. Starburst Jumbo Jelly Beans

Although I'm more of a chocolate gal than a candy gal, I must admit that Starburst Jelly Beans are the only exception to that cardinal rule. Bursting with juicy flavor, these jelly beans give Jelly Belly a run for its money, and that's saying something as someone who has tried and tested all of Jelly Belly's 50 flavors.

8. Lindt Easter Hard Shell Eggs

Easter Eggs aren't just for kids; adults should be able to enjoy these treats, as well. Lindt makes sure that you can do just that with these hard shell eggs that encase Lindt's signature, silky smooth chocolate. Coming in soft pastel colors, these candies are as photogenic as they are tasty, and something about eating them feels mature.

9. Ghirardelli Dark Sea Salt Caramel Egg

Looking for some egg-shaped candies with some more pizzaz? Ghirardelli's got you covered. Filled with sea salt caramel (aka the best type of chocolate), you just might enjoy the luscious chocolate so much that you'll ~accidentally forget~ to add it to your friends' Easter baskets. Oh well, more for you!

10. DOVE Easter French Vanilla White Chocolate Bunny

The candy that I'm most pumped to try out, Dove has made probably the most unique chocolate bunny that I've heard of. Flavored with both white chocolate and French vanilla, this edible creature sounds more like a fancy Starbucks drink than an Easter candy, but I'm here for it.

Run, not walk, to your nearest Target to swipe some of these Easter candies before it's too late! Or, wait until they're on sale, post April 1. Either way, as long as you get to try out these goodies, you're winning.