We all have that one can of black beans sitting in our pantry, but we never know what to do with it. It's a bland ingredient, but there's so many ways to spice up a regular old can. Not to mention, black beans can be in almost anything; they're a staple in every vegan and vegetarian's pantry. And the hype is so real because they have so many health benefits (and you don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy them).

Being college students, we already split our time between studying and socializing, which is stressful enough. Making food shouldn't take so much of our valuable time, so I compiled a list of the easy black bean recipes you can make in under an hour. 

1. Black Bean Burger 

guacamole, beef, meat, lettuce, bread, sandwich, avocado
Parisa Soraya

To start off your black bean dish repertoire, you can make a typical black bean burger. There are even more recipes of this kind if you want to expand your black bean burger knowledge. 

2. Black Bean Brownies  

cake, brownie, cookie, chocolate
Reed Erickson

These are the brownies in which you can indulge and NOT feel guilty because you know you're getting enough protein and nutrients. And if you still want to eat some sweets but not over-do it, these brownie bites will do the trick. 

3. Black Bean Lasagna 

cheese, sauce, pasta, lasagna, parmesan
Christy Luong

Lasagna doesn't always have to be the usual meat and cheese. There are so many ways you can upgrade this favorite of Garfield's, and black beans is one of them. Hey, anything is good with cheese, right? 

4. Black Bean and Mango Salad 

cucumber, onion, pepper, tomato, vegetable, salad
Rose Gerber

Vegetarians and vegans, you should all know that mango and black beans are a power couple together in salads. Trust me when I say this salad will be amazing. 

#SpoonTip: Turn it into a salsa by swapping your fork for tortilla chips. 

5. Black Bean Burritos 

cheese, beans, corn, pea, vegetable, burrito
Santina Renzi

Up your vegetarian burrito game with this recipe. I know, nothing can beat Chipotle burritos, but this black bean beauty comes real close to it. 

6. Black Bean and Butternut Squash Tacos 

lettuce, tomato, bread, chili, vegetable, tacos
Katherine Baker

Yup, your #TacoTuesday vegetarian game just got stronger. You're welcome. 

7. Black Bean Chili 

meat, chili, pepper, vegetable
Alex Weiner

With fall and winter approaching, this is a must to make for those cold, snowy nights. This makes me want to huddle on the couch under a blanket and watch some Netflix.

8. Black Bean Stew 

soup, black beans, chili
Keah Hansen

When you hear "stew," you probably think that this must be fancy AF and too hard to make, but this recipe makes stew as easy as pie. Need another reason to try this? It's 100% vegan! 

9. Mexican Black Bean and Corn Salad 

black beans, corn
Sarah Morrissey

This will be a nice complement to your black bean tacos, and I'm betting you already have all seven of the ingredients. 

#SpoonTip: Avocado makes everything better, especially on a salad like this. 

10. Black Bean Salsa 

kidney bean, legume, pasture, azuki bean, vegetable, beans, black beans, coffee, cereal
Zoe Malin

This salsa is a step up from the corn and black bean salad if you have more ingredients. With just a few tweaks to the recipe, this will surely have you walking out the door to buy more black beans. 

You can make each of these easy black bean recipes in just under an hour, so there's really no excuse to not make them. And if I haven't already convinced you that you can do so much with just ONE can, Trader Joe's sells them for less than a dollar each. So what are you waiting for? Time to put those beans to use!