I'm not vegan but I'd describe myself as "vegan-ish." I like eating vegan options and I'm starting to appreciate these types of food more. Sometimes when I feel like I haven't eaten enough healthy foods it's not a problem for me to look up a vegan version of my favorite foods. I even chose the the vegan option when I signed up for Blue Apron! It's not how I eat everyday, but I enjoy having it as an option.

Being vegan isn't as rare as it used to be. Now there are more vegan food options and it’s become more mainstream to follow a plant-based diet. Eating vegan doesn’t have to be a daily struggle trying to figure out what to eat, nor does it have to be expensive. These cheap vegan meal prep ideas take the dread out of searching every day on Pinterest for recipes. 

1. Quinoa Stuffed Peppers with Vegan Jalapeño Cream Sauce 

A heap of various sweet and spicy veggies come together with a savory sauce for a dish that’ll make everyone around you green with envy. Not only are these stuffed peppers a good idea for lunch, but they can also be appetizers for a small get-together. 

2. Lo Mein Meal Prep

Choose this healthier version of lo mein when you’re craving Chinese on a Friday night. In the time it takes for your intense craving to go away, this meal can be prepared. Sub noodles for whole-wheat spaghetti or anything else of your choice. 

#SpoonTip: This recipe uses a small amount of honey in the sauce, so make sure to swap it out for maple syrup. You won't be able to taste the difference! 

3. Curried Chickpea Bowls with Garlicky Spinach

It took me a while to enjoy eating spinach and mixing it in with other foods. Perfect for those on the go, make a huge batch of this curried chickpea bowl and save for the rest of the week. It takes out the guesswork of what to eat for lunch (or dinner). 

4. Chickpea, Sweet Potato, and Apple Farro Salad

lentil, cereal, legume, pepper, rice, corn, parsley, vegetable
Katherine Baker

I first learned about farro when it came in one of my Blue Apron packages one week. It’s a grain that makes for a great base for any meal because it pairs well with other foods. Since the majority of this farro salad are soft, the apple chunks give it a bit of crunch. 

5. Collard Green Veggie Wraps

If you're the lazy type, the prep for these collard green wraps take no time at all. Challenge your creative side and see how many versions of this wrap you can make weekly. Pop a couple in your lunchbox with apple slices for a whole meal.

6. Vegan Tofu Scramble

carrot, saute, meat, onion, pepper, vegetable
Kimberly Kao

One of my favorite brunch places to eat near my apartment offers a few kinds of scrambles. What makes this vegan scramble a great option for a meal is that they don’t require much effort. How can something so quick and easy be so delicious?

7. Vegan Pesto Spaghetti Squash Bake

pasta, vegetable, cheese, sauce, spaghetti
Kristine Mahan

Spaghetti got a new makeover in this vegan spaghetti squash bake. Put a twist on the classic comfort food with a dairy-free pesto, vegan cheese, and “pasta” made from squash. 

8. Vegan Granola 

sweet, granola, cereal, pecan
Spoon University

I like making yogurt parfaits with granola and a bit of honey for something sweeter. This vegan granola can be eaten at any time of day and can be jazzed up with other fruits.

#SpoonTip: Separate your big batch of granola into small jars or baggies so you don't have to pour out a single serving each morning.

9. Vegan Sushi Bowl

carrot, pepper, rice, broccoli, vegetable
Katherine Baker

Who isn’t a fan of sushi? Instead of breaking a sweat rolling everything together, cut out all the extras by making this vegan sushi bowl. Take money out of your mortgage savings by adding avocado and a spicy dressing like soy sauce or ginger sesame. 

10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

The 2 pm energy slump is killer for everyone. Pack a few of these snack bars in your bag to give you the boost you need to finish out the day. The bars are no-bake, so there won't be a lot of clean-up after you make them.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner don't have to be struggles anymore. Pinterest does all the hard work for you and there are no more guessing games. Eventually, meal prepping is going to be a part of your Sunday routine and you'll notice how much time (and brain cells) you've saved with these cheap vegan meal prep recipes.