Anyone and everyone who is doing their best to live a healthy lifestyle in a world full of temptations knows about cauliflower rice. It has quickly become the new obsession in the healthy food world. It is the perfect choice for anyone who is trying to lower their carb intake and increase their veggie intake, but still wants to feel like they are eating real food. But, sometimes this tasty side-dish can be a little bland and needs a little something to help spice it up! Here are 10 cauliflower rice recipes anyone can do that will help make your healthy choices a bit easier.

1. Mushroom Cauliflower Rice

This recipe from Primavera Kitchen is perfect for mushroom lovers out there who are trying to get more veggies without living a boring life. And it's so simple, because everything just goes into one pan.

2. Fried Cauliflower Rice

Laura Bailey

This recipe will spice up your cauliflower rice so much you won't even notice that it's not the real thing! And, the next time your friends want to order Chinese take out, you can whip this up and not feel like you're missing out on the night. 

3. Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

Say goodbye to Chipotle and hello to this equally tasty, but healthier option. The best part about this recipe by Blissful Basil is that you can add whichever veggies, meats, and cheeses you like, and you don't have to feel guilty about it. This low carb version of everyone's favorite Mexican fast food place will definitely make you feel healthier in no time.  

4. Cauliflower Rice Pizza Crust

Alex Frank

OK, while technically this isn't just a rice recipe, why not make it easier by using cauliflower that's already chopped for you? This is another recipe (from Love and Lemons) that allows you to eat your pizza sans carbs.

5. Cauliflower Rice Risotto 

Alison Weissbrot

I promise you, you won't even realize you're not eating actual rice with this recipe by It has all the same cheesy goodness of an actual risotto recipe without the carbs and calories. I bet if you make this for your friends without telling them it's cauliflower, they might not even realize the difference. 

6. Cauliflower Rice Sushi

This recipe by Namely Marley is perfect for anyone adventurous enough to try to make their own sushi. Plus, it's another great way to indulge is your favorite dish without all the added bloating that sushi can sometimes cause (although we can probably blame that on the salty soy sauce). 

7. Cauliflower "Couscous" Salad

I don't know about you, but sometimes I don't feel like making a meal that is going to take a long time, and with this recipe from "The Today Show," it doesn't have to. Just grab some cauliflower rice, add all of your salad favorites, and you'll be eating your new favorite healthy meal in no time!

8. Cauliflower Rice Tacos

Angela Kerndl

When people think of healthy foods, I definitely don't think tacos come to mind tacos, but with a few substitutions, anything is possible. Plus, this recipe from Brand New Vegan definitely gives you the freedom to make whichever kind of tacos you prefer. The more healthy options the better.

9. Cauliflower Rice Pudding

If you think vegetables have no place being in a dessert, then think again! This recipe from Cookies to Kale is so easy and will be so satisfying to all the sweet lovers out there. Plus, it's super easy and super quick, so all you need to do is enjoy.

10. Cheesy Cauliflower Rice

Attention all you mac 'n cheese lovers out there, this recipe by Low Carb Yum is for you. This is the perfect way to get in your veggies without sacrificing your cheese indulgence, which is something I know I could never give up. 

The best part about all of these recipes is that so many grocery stores now sell frozen cauliflower rice, so all you have to do is pop it in the microwave or skillet and you're half way there. So, which will be your new favorite go to dish?