When most people go to Sugar Factory, the first thing that comes to mind would be their goblets. While they are 60 ounces of sugary amazement with the option of getting a non alcoholic version, they do serve other drinks. From someone that has been to Sugar Factory a handful of times, I'm telling you to please do yourself a favor and try some of their other drinks.

Other drinks?

Yeah - other drinks. According to Sugar Factory's menu, they have a total of 9 different goblets to choose from. In terms of martinis and cocktails, they have 24 options to choose from. Just like the goblets, they come in an array of flavors and have an option to get them without alcohol. 

A major benefit that their other drinks have would be that you can hog them all for yourself. With their goblets, you usually have to share, and as Joey once said, "Joey doesn't share food" or anything else.

Another thing with their other beverages is that they're much more flavorful and creative. Almost all goblets are the same - they come in the same big 60 ounce glass with candy/fruit sticking out of them and with alcohol and sugar in them.

Meanwhile, Sugar Factory's martinis and cocktails have more options to them. Not to mention that their alcoholic martinis and cocktails are a solid $20 less than their alcoholic goblets.

What could these options possibly be?

Given that there are a total of 24 martinis and cocktails to choose from, half of them are chocolatey drinks. The other half of their martinis and cocktails are candy based: sugary, sweet, and everything nice.

If I were you, I'd go with their sour apple lolly and cotton candy cosmopolitan martinis. With their sour apple lolly martini, it tastes like a very sour green apple keeps popping in your mouth in a pleasant way. The best part about this martini is that once you're done with it, you have the lollipop that's thrown into the drink.

On the other hand, their cotton candy cosmopolitan martini is something else. The piece of cotton candy that it comes with amplifies the martini's sweet flavor big time. Once you're done eating the cotton candy and drinking the martini, your mouth will feel like it's a sweet cloud of sugar.

So please, keep these things in mind:

If you're going to get the alcoholic version of any of these drinks, you must be 21+, so bring your ID since it will be checked when ordering. Also, their martinis do have a solid amount of alcohol to them, so if you plan on drinking, order something to eat while you're at Sugar Factory or get something to eat ahead of time.

One more thing, their alcoholic goblets have 10 shots in them. If you break it down, every six ounces has a shot in it. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself, but be responsible about it.