Recently, I traveled to Washington D.C., and the only thing on my mind was having the opportunity of trying things I've only heard about via the web. So, I began to research food and drink places in the area that are nothing like what I've experienced in Kansas. The Sugar Factory appeared and was moved up to #1 on my D.C. bucket list.

I knew I would be close to the Sugar Factory location. It was only just a metro ride away, but directions are difficult, and I somehow got turned around.

sweet, candy
Jami Harrison

But, after several long minutes (probably closer to an hour) of searching for the store/cafe in the Union Station, I finally found it and ordered a drink right away.


The menu contains a variety of drinks. There are about nine different types of goblets, which is a drink recommended for two people (or one, if you're really brave). I got the Mai Tai.

There are also candy and chocolate martinis, as well as candy cocktails, in addition to milkshakes, wine, beer and coffee.

ice, cake
Jami Harrison

 The Wall

The wall extends from the entrance to the back of the store. It has a mix of both chocolate and candy; some are very sour, while others are very sweet.

In the bar area, they serve ice cream that can be bought in either a waffle cone or cup, with all desired toppings. Ice cream sandwiches are also available, which can be served seven different ways. 

beer, beans, candy
Jami Harrison

There is something for everyone at the Sugar Factory. Whether it's a sweet drink or a bag of candy, you won't be disappointed by the selection they offer.

juice, apple
Jami Harrison

The Sugar Factory has several locations, including New York, Las Vegas, and Florida. 

Some locations are bigger than others, either in the form of a cafe or restaurant. However, both generally offer the same experience. Wherever life takes you, be sure to pay a visit and experience it yourself. You might even meet a celebrity.