If you haven't stepped foot in one, Whole Foods is like the Gwyneth Paltrow of grocery stores — entertaining, aesthetically-pleasing, and glamorously organic.

It's unlikely that – on my student budget – I am going to be buying my usual produce and cereal here, but that doesn't mean I won't be a regular. Shopping at Whole Foods is actually the most fun I've ever had grocery shopping, making it a little bit easier to accept the fact that I'll have to grocery shop for the rest of my adult life. 

In honour of Victoria, BC finally being graced with a Whole Foods here is a guide to navigating all its glorious features.

Fresh-Pressed Juice Bar

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Riley Sun

Whether you're on a juice cleanse or not, the fresh-pressed watermelon juice will make you forget the dreary November weather. In general, Whole Foods is a gold mine for vegetable-filled cold-pressed juice in minimal bottles. The one exception being the asparagus water.

Make Your Own Nut Butter 

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Riley Sun

There is something oddly satisfying in seeing your food made right in front of you. Thanks to some pretty intimidating machines, you can now make your own peanut butter, almond butter and even cashew butter right there in the grocery aisle! Whole Foods has effectively expanded your nut butter repertoire and made it fun in the process.

Every Type of Kombucha You Can Imagine

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Riley Sun

I'm not actually that sure what kombucha is or why it's so special, but consider Whole Foods the Mecca for your introduction to fermented tea. Every flavour you can imagine in the most appealing colours.

The Hot Bar

Riley Sun

If I ever had a personal catering service, I can only dream that it would resemble the Whole Foods hot bar. It may have major cafeteria vibes, but it's really just a modest and misleading exterior. The food itself is better than anything I could hope to cook. I think I've actually dreamed about the mac n' cheese.

Baked Goods

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Riley Sun

Gluten-free, vegan, and they don't taste like cardboard? Actually, they taste the same — if not better — than their regular counterparts. So you don't have to feel bad that you just ate 10 earl-grey chocolate shortbread cookies, all is forgiven because gluten-free is basically air, right...?

More Desserts That Keep Up With Your "Diet"

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Riley Sun

If it's natural or organic, it's not actually cheating. There's actually an impressive assortment of desserts that meet all kinds of diet restrictions. Where else are you going to find a whole shelf of dairy-free ice cream and chocolate?

The Burrito Bar

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Riley Sun

The custom burrito bar is the shining MVP of Whole Foods. There are two options: you can either get a traditional burrito or have it in a no-mess bowl. You can choose any — and all — the fresh ingredients you want added to you burrito. Also, there's a burrito stamp card because you're probably going to go back. Buying ten burritos entitles you to one free, so you can justify the rest.