If you are lucky enough to get to study abroad like I did or you are just visiting, here is your guide for what to eat in Florence, Italy.

First on my list is a panini from a shop called All'antico Vinaio. Don't be scared away by the line when you walk up to the place, because its definitely worth the wait! It's a perfect place to grab lunch and for only 5 euro you get a pretty large, fresh, and delicious panini. 

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Dianna DelPrete

Let's talk pizza: Gusta Pizza is a little spot where you can a great pizza for a great price! This is one of the only places I could find that does take away pizzas. A couple times my friends and I would go grab pizza, a bottle of wine and sit on the wall of the Arno River to enjoy the beautiful view. If you ask nicely they will even make your pizza in the shape of a heart. 

One spot you need to make sure to check out is the central market located in the heart Florence. They recently updated the upstairs on the central market, where the food court is. It is truly breathtaking if you're a foodie like me! I would honestly recommend spending a few hours here trying different specialties from a couple different places... but MAKE SURE you find the cannoli cart. This ricotta filled cannoli is one of the best I had in Florence. 

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Dianna DelPrete

Next on my list is the truffle ravioli from ZaZa. Located behind the central market, this was one of my favorite dinner restaurants. This quaint restaurant has an extensive menu with a whole page of truffle dishes. The truffle ravioli is definitely worth a try. 

If I could recommend just one thing to eat in Florence it would be the pear ravioli from Trattoria 4 Leoni! This was by far my favorite dish. It's the perfect balance of sweet and savory; when it's over you will be begging for more. 

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Dianna DelPrete

After having dinner at Quattro Leoni hop on over to the Gelateria Santa Trinta only a couple blocks away! Everyone who has studied abroad in Florence has their favorite gelato shop. One thing you need to know is to never get gelato thats piled high with decorations and fruit stuck in it. Places do that to attract tourists, but its not usually fresh. If you follow that tip then you can't really go wrong with gelato any where in Florence.

My go to spot is Gelateria Santa Trinta located right along the Arno River in Santo Spirito. They have a large variety of flavors, and some specialties I hadn't seen anywhere else, like sesame. My favorite flavors were the Santa Trinita which had Nutella swirls and raspberry. 

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Dianna DelPrete

When I asked my friends who studied abroad in the past about what I had to eat in Florence, this restaurant was the most popular response. If you love gnocchi, you are going to love Oesteria Santo Spirito. At this classic Tuscan style restaurant, the gnocchi with cheese and truffles comes pipping hot right out of the oven, and is to die for! 

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Dianna DelPrete

The next food on my list is the Rigatoni Pasta from a classic Florence style restaurant, Trattoria 13 Gobbi, where everything is delicious. I brought my mom here and it was easily her favorite dinner of the trip! Their signature pasta dish is a rigatoni in tomato sauce with lots of cheese. It's classic and simple, yet delicious. 

I am sure you all have heard of Magnum ice cream bars located in the freezer section of your local grocery store, but this is going to change your view of them! All over Europe are Magnum shops where you get to choose which ice cream flavor you want, chocolate or vanilla, which coating of chocolate you would like - dark, milk, or white - and lastly you can choose from a variety of toppings. It's interactive, fun, and a super delicious treat. 

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Dianna DelPrete

Last on my list is a trip to a secret bakery. After a night out you are probably hungry. Some bakeries are open around 2am baking for the next morning and they are there to serve those needs! The trick is to wait quietly outside one of these top secret locations and wait for the bakers to come out with something they just freshly baked, usually a croissant or doughnut stuffed with Nutella, for just one euro! 

As I am finishing writing this article I am feeling extremely nostalgic. Trust me you will regret every gelato, panini, and pizza you did not eat while you are abroad, so take advantage of the amazing Tuscan cuisine in Florence, Italy.