It's no secret that West Chester, Pennsylvania is home to many excellent restaurants, including Lorenzo's Pizza and Jaco Taco. After all, this small town has its very own annual restaurant week. Recently, I have noticed a few new places that I have never been to, but I have quickly fallen in love with. When I mention these restaurants to my friends, they seem to have never heard of them either. Therefore, I am writing this article to share these wonderful hidden gems with you all.

1. Baan Thai Sabaidee

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A short walk from campus, Baan Thai is literally a hidden gem because of its unique location. Baan Thai cooks up authentic thai recipes in a traditional setting. It is no located in the downtown area, but on East Nields Street. Keep in mind that they also do deliver. Monday through Friday, you can get a wonderful three course meal that starts at $10 which includes soup, appetizer and an entree. I recommend the Golden Triangle, which is Fried Tofu.

2. Core di Roma

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An Italian restaurant located on the outskirts of Downtown West Chester, Core Di Roma cooks up traditional Italian dishes at a reasonable price. This place is also BYOB, for those of you that are of age. Pictured here is the Tiramisu. 

3. Spicy Pig Cafe

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Originally known as The Lunchbox Cafe, this spot is owned by the same people that own the Lunchbox food truck on West Chester University's campus. The Lunchbox Cafe is on the corner adjacent to Nudy's Cafe if that rings a bell. Spicy Pig makes classic American dishes in addition to Thai dishes. Many diners come in for their delicious bubble tea. Also, the people that work here are super friendly. 

4. Avalon

Avalon is one of two restaurants on this list that is actually located in Downtown West Chester. Avalon is an Italian restaurant that is unique in the fact that it has an open kitchen. Not many restaurants in West Chester have that. Avalon considers itself to be modern a Italian restaurant with Spanish influence. They also serve brunch.

5. Laguna Miramare

Laguna Miramare is Baan Thai's neighbor. Laguna Miramare is another Italian restaurant that we love. People love coming here because of how authentic it is. This place was featured in The Town Dish and Philadelphia Magazine, so it's obviously the real deal. Mangia! 

Hopefully now you have some new places to try with your friends and family. West Chester is filled with delicious restaurants that are yet to be discovered.