If you have walked into Downtown West Chester lately, you’ll notice something new on High Street. After Sprazzo left the Dub, Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza made it’s way to the corner of Gay and High Street.

This iconic Philadelphia pizzeria, which is owned by Guiseppe Pulizzi, recently opened their second location in West Chester. Their flagship location on South Street in Philadelphia drew diners from across the country for their giant slices and 28 inch pies. After much success, a new location has built up in West Chester, which was happily welcomed by the college town. Lorenzo and Son’s in West Chester has the same giant slices and pies with additional menu items such as personal pizzas, cheesesteaks, and fries.

lorenzo and son's

Photo by Michael Klein

Lorenzo and Son’s in West Chester is located in the heart of town, making it the perfect place to go to after the bar. It’s open till 3am so it will satisfy your late night pizza cravings. Even better, their West Chester restaurant’s menu is more extensive than the Philadelphia location. Diners can get toppings on your humongous pizza slice, which is frowned upon on South Street.

lorenzo and son's

Photo by Briana Sposato

SpoonTip: Don’t try and order their delicious menu items like cheese fries late at night, because they only serve pizza and soda after 9:30 pm.

Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza serves giant slices that are so big that they require two plates. The restaurant itself is also roomy. You don’t have to sit on the sidewalk and eat it like in Philly. This two-floor location has bar style seating on the first floor, and plenty of tables on the second floor. The second floor also hangs beautiful sepia photos of the owner’s family, with images of The Pulizzi family feeding Philadelphia Mayor Frank L. Rizzo. The location also has free wi-fi and television.

We’re not the only one’s that love Lorenzo and Son’s. Their delicious pizza is ranked number ninety-one on the 101 Best Pizzas of America list. While there’s already plenty of good late night pizza in the Dub, there’s something authentic and special about Lorenzo and Son’s. Be sure to check them out at The South 9th Street Italian Market Festival in Philadelphia May 21st and 22nd.