If you’re a student at West Chester University, chances are you’ve made a stop at Jaco Juice and Taco Bar AKA: the best place in town for a quick bite that’s both healthy, affordable, and freaking good. Known for their breakfast burritos, fish tacos, and of course, smoothies & juices, this place probably already has your mouth watering.

Some of the major highlights of the menu are the drinks, which is what makes Jaco truly unique in a town dominated by up-scale restaurants and pizza shops. Sometimes you want a break from calories and caffeine, in which case go to Jaco: the home of fresh, energizing smoothies and juices. I broke it down so you know just which dranks you should order (the options are endless).

1. Blueberry Hill


Photo courtesy of @jacojuiceandtaco on Instagram

What’s in it: Blueberry, pineapple, kale and coconut water.

Whoever thought fruit didn’t go with kale has been doing it way wrong because take a sip of this juice and you’ll be converted to the land of greens and pressed juices. The superfood green gets a bad rep, but Jaco makes it so you won’t even realize it’s in the juice. The blueberries give it a sweet flavor, while the pineapple balances it out with tartness. Pair it with your breakfast “hot mess” burrito and your day is off to a great start.



Photo courtesy of Rebecca Poole

What’s in it: Banana, strawberry, kale, peanut butter, milk and agave.

A smoothie named YOLO? Yes please. If you’re a foodie who wants something different, take a risk with this smoothie and you’ll never go back. The agave syrup keeps it tasting sweet while the nutrients in the fruit and kale makes it beneficial and the peanut butter tops it off, keeping you full until your next meal. It’s a triple threat if I’ve ever seen one.

3. Island in the Sun


Photo courtesy of @good_vibes_eatery on Instagram

What’s in it: Banana, pineapple, mango, fresh OJ and agave.

*Cue the Weezer song*. But seriously, this smoothie will transport you to paradise with one taste. Everything about it screams summer and the beach and all the good vibes. Pair it with an equally tasting fresh lunch, like the classic baco taco, and forget all about the freezing weather outside.

4. Baco


Photo courtesy of @figwestchester on Instagram

What’s in it: Fresh squeezed OJ, carrot and ginger.

If you want to keep it simple, this juice pairs great with any meal at any time of day and is chockfull of amazing health benefits. The carrots provide vitamins and fiber while the ginger helps your digestive system and any feelings of nausea (hello morning hangover cure).  The OJ wakes you up and will keep you feeling bright-eyed long after you take your last sip.

5. Hipster


Photo courtesy of @figtographer on Instagram

What’s in it: Banana, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, Nutella, milk and graham.

The name alone will have you intrigued, but this is the smoothie that will be your new sweet-tooth go-to. Who needs ice cream and cookie dough as an indulgent snack with this smoothie concoction that has Nutella and chocolate syrup? To sum it up, it tastes like childhood. A perfect pick-me-up for finals week and those 10-page research paper deadlines coming up.

No matter what temperature it is or what you’re in the mood for, Jaco is always the right choice. The drinks taste good, have cool names, and go with any meal. If your New Year’s Resolutions didn’t pan out, their smoothies and juices are sure to get you back on track. Day drinking has never been healthier.