While eating a gluten-free diet has become a fitness trend lately, for many years people with celiac's disease have been forced to live the gluten-free life. Arguably, one of the worst things about having a dietary restriction is not being able to enjoy going out to eat with friends. Thankfully, Virginia Beach has many gluten-free restaurant options.

There are several eateries in Virginia Beach dedicated to serving only gluten-free products, like The Green Cat. Those are easy to find because they advertise being gluten-free. 

Here are some Virginia Beach restaurants that you may not know have gluten-free friendly options.

Roast Rider Coffee

Roast Rider Coffee is a great stop to catch up with friends or grab a quick breakfast in the Hilltop area. Obviously, all of their coffee and espresso drinks are gluten-free.

In addition, they pair with local businesses like Baladi Mediterranean Cafe, Heritage Bake Shop, and My Vegan Sweet Tooth to provide a variety of treats to choose from. Last time I visited, they had an entire case of freshly-baked gluten-free muffins to choose from. 

Pocahontas Pancakes

This tourist institution with over-the-top Native American decorations was voted the best pancake house in Virginia Beach by Food Network. Thankfully, Pocahontas Pancakes allows everyone to try it out for themselves by offering gluten-free pancakes, waffles, bread, and bagels. 

The Bee and the Biscuit

The Bee and the Biscuit may be a ways from the oceanfront, but it's the perfect brunch stop before heading to one of Virginia Beach's many farms for strawberry picking. Their menu is full of southern comfort dishes, with gluten-free and vegan options labelled. 

Bay Local Eatery

Bay Local Eatery is unique in that their Laskin Road location, just half a mile from the oceanfront, is only open for brunch. As I'm sure many of you would agree, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that because brunch is clearly the best meal of the day.

Their menu has many gluten-free options, from omelettes, to salads to sandwiches, all of which are clearly labelled.

Baker's Crust

Baker's Crust takes it a step further to accommodate gluten-free customers. They have a special gluten-free menu so you won't be stuck staring at a dish you can't order. Their gluten-free offerings go well beyond the usual salads, including pizzas and chocolate cake

Taste Unlimited

A sandwich shop is usually a big no-go for people on a gluten-free diet. Thankfully, times are changing.

Taste Unlimited allows everyone to enjoy their famous house sauce. You can substitute gluten-free whole grain bread onto any of their specialty sandwiches, or build your own with all of your favorite high-quality ingredients. 

Your Pie

Again, usually pizza restaurants are the last place you'd find someone on a gluten-free diet. Your Pie believes that everyone deserves to enjoy the pizza of their liking, regardless of dietary restrictions. They offer a gluten-free pizza crust that you can load with unlimited toppings.

No Frill Bar and Grill

No Frill Bar and Grill is extremely accommodating by offering an entirely gluten-free menu for those who request it. With options from every category of the full menu, you won't even feel like you're missing out on the fun of choosing what to order from this diner-like eatery. 

Nawab Indian Cuisine

The Nawab menu is full of every indian specialty dish that you can imagine. Gluten-free options are labelled, and extremely abundant. Whether you're in the mood for fish, poultry, meat, or veggies, there are several gluten-free options to choose from. 

Beware when visiting for lunch, because they don't guarantee that the buffet dishes are gluten-free. 

Aldo's Ristorante

This well-established local restaurant allows gluten-free people to get a taste of high quality Italian cuisine. It's the perfect place for date night or a celebratory dinner. Aldo's offers gluten-free fusilli, fettuccine, and penne so you can enjoy your favorite Italian dish exactly how you like it. 

Tautog's Restaurant

Tautog's is a great option for when you want high-quality seafood and southern specialties in a casual setting. Choosing what to order when you're gluten-free is easy because all gluten-free options are labelled on the menu.

Blue Seafood and Spirits

Blue Seafood and Spirits packs a double punch. It has a fun bar atmosphere, with a huge selection of beer, wine, and spirits, as well as genuinely high-quality food. 

They have gluten-free options labelled on the menu and request that visitors inform their server of any dietary restrictions. 

Home Republic

While Home Republic doesn't go out of their way to label gluten-free options on the menu, they are there. Being a brewery, however, beer is their specialty. And that's where they deliver for gluten-free customers, with a gluten-free craft beer option from New York. 

Hot Tuna Bar and Grill

This late-night Virginia Beach hangout has such great food that you can go for dinner and stay till closing with no regrets.

At Hot Tuna, ingredients are sourced locally and the seafood is as fresh as it gets. Gluten-free options are labelled on the menu, alongside "house rules" for fun reading to kick off your night. 

Having dietary restrictions doesn't mean having to give up on the fun of eating out with friends. At these Virginia Beach restaurants, your variety of gluten-free options may surprise you.