If you're starting to think about going abroad next year and are anything like me, one of your top priorities in a city to study in is what foods and drinks they're known for. Having the opportunity to study in different cities around the world is one thing, but for us foodies, the opportunity to travel and eat the foods of the world takes the experience to a whole new level. Here are 12 of the best cities to study abroad in, based on the foods and drinks they're known for.

1. Prague, Czech Republic: Trdelník

Prague, known to natives as Praha, is home to the Trdelník. This decadent pastry can be found on the sides of streets and in Prague's historic Old Town Square. Trdelníks are fire cooked, leaving a caramelized, burnt sugar and spice taste on the outside. The thick dough is wrapped around a stick called a trdlo and baked over an open flame. You know it's true—sugar and spice makes everything nice.

2. Paris, France: Crêpes

Parisian crêpes will put American knock-off crêpes to shame. Made on the sides of almost every street in the City of Love, these pastries are stuffed with fillings of your choice, from Nutella to lemon and sugar. From being your reward on a walk home from class to your much needed late-night eat on the way home from a night out, crêpes never disappoint.

3. Cape Town, South Africa: Boerewors

Normally served at a Braam, a traditional South African barbecue, Boerewors are a type of sausage that are always beef based, but occasionally include pork, lamb, or a mix of the two. Rich in flavor from the 90% meat, 10% spice rule, including spices such as nutmeg and coriander, Boerewors are truly a staple in South Africa amongst countless other amazing foods.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Beer

If you're not a "beer person," you'll become one if you study abroad in Amsterdam. Home to Amstel and Heineken, Amsterdam will show you a good time, no matter what's on tap. And anytime you drink with your friends and classmates, be sure you say "Prost," or cheers!

5. Barcelona, Spain: Paella

Paella dishes are meant for two, but I could finish the whole plate on my own. This traditional rice dish is usually filled with various types seafood and sometimes chicken and chorizo. Normally spiced up with paprika and saffron, paella is rich in flavor. A food baby is expected. 

6. Tel Aviv, Israel: Falafel Sandwich

Hannah Litt

Once you've tried Israeli falafel, you'll never go back. Stuffed in a pita with French fries, pickles, hummus, tahini and more, falafel sandwiches are full of flavor and authenticity. You can find the best ones in Shuk Hacarmel, also known as Carmel Market, which is Tel Aviv's infamous outdoor market. Prepare to walk around with falafel in one hand and souvenirs in the other. 

7. Florence, Italy: Gusta Pizza

Ti amo, pizza. What's better than pizza in a heart shape? Not only does it make for a great Instagram, after a long day walking around Firenze, Gusta Pizza is the trendiest spot to grab a pie. Don't expect your visit to be quick, though—the line wraps around the block. They say love will keep us together, but Gusta pizza really does the trick.

8. Brussels, Belgium: Belgian Waffles 

If you think Belgian waffles from the Waffles & Dinges food truck are the best you've had, head to Belgium and prove yourself wrong. There are actually two types: the Brussels style and the Liege style. The Brussels type is lighter and crispier, while the Liege style is made with a heavier dough. Both deliciously prepared with the toppings of your choice, these delicacies are made for all of you with a sweet tooth.

9. London, England: Afternoon Tea

Around four o'clock in the afternoon in London, Afternoon Tea is the place to be. Relax with your friends and treat yourself to tea, scones, sandwiches, and cake. Afternoon tea is more than a snack, it's a British custom that has dated back hundreds of years. Remember, pinkies up!

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Carne

Buenos Aires is known to some as the "Beef Capital of the World," and Argentines won't let you forget it. The country's cows are grass-fed and serve up some of the finest quality meats, from simply grilling it with spices to stuffing it into empanadas. Meat lovers, unite.

11. Sydney, Australia: Lamingtons

If you go loco for coconut, these are for you. Named after Lord Lamington, the eighth governor of Queensland, Lamingtons are a go-to in Australia. Not only are these jam-filled and coconut coated treats sweet and crave-worthy, they also have a national holiday dedicated to them. 

12. Rio de Janiero, Brazil: Açai

chocolate, cake, cream, mousse
Kristine Mahan

Açai may not be so basic, after all. This superfood comes from Brazil, where indigenous tribes used to eat it for energy. Believe it or not, it's also used in Amazonian cooking as a sauce to accompany certain fish or meat dishes. But most importantly, after a long week of class, you can make your nights out even more fun with açai flavored vodka and beer.

As the study abroad planning begins, we have to narrow down our choices. Basically, we need to decide what food we want to eat every day for four months without getting bored of it. Use this list to help you choose where to study abroad and get excited for a whole semester of eating and traveling around the world.