If you're in New York City for just a short amount of time, it can be difficult to Yelp every famous place and pick the one you want to eat at. There are just too many options.

When I visited NYC for a few days, I ate at several amazing places. So, I decided to create a list of the best places to eat in NYC, if you only have one day. These places are iconic, not too pricey, and are definitely worth the trip. 

Breakfast: Wafles & Dinges

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Sarah Arora

Wafles & Dinges is the place to go for the perfect treat to start your day. They have carts and stands throughout the city, including in Central Park and Times Square. Waffles & Dinges has Belgian waffles that are customizable and totally Insta-worthy. They also have legendary menu items such as de Turtle Waffle (above), de Throwdown Waffle (which has cookie butter btw), and de Double Trouble (waffle sandwich). 

Lunch: Joe's Pizza

New York Magazine named Joe's Pizza the "Best of New York" and in subsequent reviews referred to it as "the quintessential New York slice." The pizza at Joe's is old-school, classic, New York-Style thin crust. No string-bean, asparagus covered, wild turkey surprise pizza here.

Dinner: Dim Sum Palace

You ate rich waffles for breakfast and pizza for lunch. So, if you'd like to keep dinner on the healthier side but still want an unforgettable meal, visit Dim Sum Palace on 46th Street. Popular items on the dim sum menu include shrimp dumplings and veggie spring rolls. My family and I ordered chicken lo mein and kung pao chicken, both of which put the usual takeout to shame

Dessert: Junior's Cheesecake 

Junior's Restaurant & Cheesecake is home of some of New York's most famous slices of heaven. They have many different flavors of cheesecake. But, I would recommend getting a slice of the plain cheesecake, just so you can experience its bold flavor, thickness, and richness. The cheesecake can definitely stand on its own with out any additional flavors. 

You can make your short trip to NYC worthwhile by trying some of the city's most iconic, popular, and irresistible culinary options.